Style Resolution: Total Closet Overhaul

With the New Year here, we begin to think of resolutions that will change us for the better. Healthy eating and exercise are often at the top of the list for self-improvement, but there are additional things you can do to feel better about yourself. This year, work on organization to improve your style with a total closet overhaul.
When your closet is organized, you somehow feel better about life. Everything has a place and purpose and it helps you start your day off right. To start, clear a few hours from your calendar where you can work without being interrupted. Empty all the contents of your closet onto your bed. Invest in a closet organizer, if you don’t already have one—it will be well worth the money.
Begin to sort through your items, piling them into four categories: love, maybe, donate, trash. Bag up your trash items and donations and remove them from the space. Put the remaining items back into your closet or into seasonal storage containers. Perhaps add some new hangars and tie racks to house the goods you are keeping. With the new found space, you will see what you have and what new items you want to add.
Purchase a few new pieces that will complement your existing wardrobe to amp up your style. Add a few Squiddledee Ties ties, a new blazer or two, and classic dress shirts. If you purged your old jeans, replace them with a current style. Don’t forget about updating shoes and boots, too. 

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