5 Ways to Increase Self Confidence

New changes often come with the new year. The desire to be better, stronger, thinner, and more organized are just a few of the goals we aim to achieve after the holidays. So many of our good intentions fall short as we try to balance work and play. This year, as you ponder resolutions, think about practical ways you can increase your self-confidence without getting in over your head. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  1. Step out of your comfort zone and try a new look. If you are used to wearing the same "uniform," day in and day out, add a dash of whimsy to your look with a Squiddledee Tie. Our cleverly designed ties are playfully expressive and have memorable designs. When you feel good in your clothes, you will exude confidence.
  2. Exercise regularly. You don't need to dump tons of money in a gym membership, but you do need to begin, or change up, an exercise regimen. Exercise makes you feel good and look better. Start doing something you enjoy for a manageable amount of time each day, then build on from there.
  3. Learn something new. Whether it's a new language, playing an instrument, or taking a martial arts class, you will feel a sense of success and adaptability when you learn a new skill. Confident men are always looking to improve. 
  4. Try to be positive. Even if you've had some difficult times in the past, stay mindful and live in the present. Challenge yourself to see the good in people and in situations. Everyone likes to be around someone who sees the glass half full.
  5. Practice gratitude. Be thankful for what you have and how far you've come in life. When you can see beyond the materialism in life, you will exude a quiet confidence that shows you are appreciative of the little things that matter. 

As you work to build your confidence, think about some of the confident men you admire. Try to emulate the things you like most about them, while still being true to yourself.