The Perfect Tie for Your Powerful Personality

The powerful personality of the Scorpio is unmistakable. He is very ambitious, determined and persistent in getting what he wants. He is a fierce competitor, but can also be flexible and adapt to most situations, making him a leader in his profession. Scorpios usually seek careers where they can be in control and make decisions, exuding their power. They often become workaholics, where they drive themselves hard and others unmercifully.
While leading and influencing others, the Scorpio needs a wardrobe that suits him. He wants to look the part and attract attention, especially female attention. Squiddledee Ties are the perfect complement to his dynamic and charismatic personality. The colors, quality craftsmanship and memorable designs will express his style and show his good taste. With his sophisticated Squiddledee tie, the Scorpio presents a strong, masculine force, impossible to resist.
In social gatherings, Scorpios are pleasant to be with, thoughtful in conversation, dignified and reserved, yet they sometimes intimidate shyer companions. Their depth of character and passionate conviction can be overwhelming, and at times, they can be outspoken and overly critical of anything or anyone they dislike. Scorpios have more friends and more enemies than any of the other Zodiac signs.
Scorpios are intense, mysterious and often misunderstood. They can be emotional and sensitive or jealous and resentful. When they channel their energy into positive goals, Scorpios will have great success in work and relationships. 

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