Suits and Tennis Shoes — What Gives?

We live in a world of delicious yet unlikely pairs. Peanuts on burgers. Strawberry and basil. Ice cream and lavender. What about suits and sneakers? There is no question that suits and sneakers is a defining look for the 21st century. While some scoff, others embrace the modern look and wear it all day. What makes this combination so popular?

For many, the art of creative dressing is the suit-and-sneaker’s most attractive quality. Men are looking for a simple “wow” factor when dressing up their suits. Today’s suits are commonly resurrected with small pieces of flair like flashy pocket squares and unique ties.  But clean white sneakers (or sneakers that are color paired) with a simple, dark suit makes a stunning, modernist impression.

But don't get sloppy. The type of sneakers being paired with the suit is critical. The rise of “fashionable” sneakers is more than a footnote in men’s fashion. Rather than conform to uncomfortable and unsupported dress shoes, men are running towards more functional options. Simple, clean, monotone sneakers with (or without) a logo pair well with any suit. Keep your beat-up, mud shoes under the bed. Suit sneakers are comparable to your actual dress shoes or important accessories.

The suit and sneaker brand epitomizes the blending of work and play in the modern workforce. The merging of office hours, home life, and work-on-the-go is commonplace for today's professionals. Comfortable footwear that supports you from car, to bus, to plane, to meeting when you don’t have time to change into dress shoes is the perfect solution. The synthesis of athleisure, function, and attention-grabbing style also makes this trend wildly popular.