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Black Tie Optional? Garden attire? How to Interpret Wedding Attire Options

Ah, wedding season—it’s all about celebrating the happy couple, right? Well, that and hoping the best man is sober when he delivers his toast and the bride’s father doesn’t twerk on the dance floor. All-around good times.

Weddings are great, but it can be hard to determine what to wear when the event calls for certain attire. Cocktail, black tie optional, garden—what gives? How can you possibly know what to wear when you don’t understand the invite wording?

Never fear—we’re here to help.  A few questions about guest wedding attire, answered.

White Tie

Only the most formal of attire. For women, that’s floor length gowns, for men, top hat and tails. Oftentimes White Tie is reserved for very formal occasions, such as state dinners.

Black Tie

Not as formal as White Tie, but still think extremely elegant. Evening gowns for the ladies, white dress shirts, black bow ties and tuxedos for the gents.

Black Tie Optional

Okay, here’s where things get a little tricky. Think of this invite as “formal.” The groomsmen and male members of the bride and groom’s immediate family will likely wear tuxedos, but guests can take it down a notch. For women, that means you can get away with either an evening gown or cocktail attire. Guys, try a dark suit.


Less dressy than the other options, cocktail attire translates to shorter dresses for the ladies and a simple dark suit for gents.


Please don’t take this to mean a floppy straw hat and wellies. Garden attire means dressy casual, and for women that means flats so your heels won’t sink into the grass. Guys, think a nice shirt and sport jacket.


Take note—this one does not translate to “wear whatever you want.” Please, leave your Daisy Dukes at home. It is casual, but think sundresses and sandals for women and seersucker or a golf shirt for guys.

Many of the weddings you’ll be invited to will probably fall into the black tie optional or cocktail terrain. This can make it hard for guys to stand out, since everyone will be sporting the obligatory dark-suit uniform.

Squiddledee Ties makes it easy to distinguish yourself with a tie that showcases your unique personality. Each tie is made from premium silk and manufactured in the USA. With gorgeous color combinations and clever designs, Squiddledee Ties are sure to set you apart from the pack. Some of our favorite choices for wedding guests include:

Bloom No. 18

Classic but mischievous, the guy who wears this tie is always in style.

Fat Cat

Perhaps the bride is an old flame from your college days? The Fat Cat tie is a cheeky way of showing her what she’s missing. Charming and irreverent, make her remember the one that got away. 


Cock Walk 

No “plus one” needed here. The guy wearing the Cock Walk tie is single and ready to mingle. Ladies beware . . . he leaves a trail of broken hearts behind him.

So, there you have it.  You’re all set to be the best-dressed guest! Click here to find the perfect tie for the event!