A Gentlemen’s Guide to Layering

Winter is almost here, and the cold temps can send chills up your spine. Layering is not only functional at this time of year, it's also stylish. With the right wardrobe pieces that are comfortably worn together, layering goes beyond practicality and can add variety and individuality to your look. Here are some tips on how to layer this season.

  1. Invest in essential layering pieces — For inner layer pieces, you can stick with undershirts, T-shirts, or insulated shirts. Dress shirts with a Squiddledee Tie or henleys are an easy choice for the next layer. When it comes to the middle layer, try a sports jacket, sweater or vest. For outerwear, you will need a coat and at least one long overcoat. Hats and scarves can also add to your layered look during the cold winter months.
  2. Layer from thin to thick — This isn't a steadfast rule, but it makes sense. It will be easier to regulate your temperature and give your ensemble a sense of depth if you start with a thin layer as a base. If you warm up during the day, you can easily remove the heavier outer layers and still look sharp.
  3. Wear colors that complement each other — When you're wearing multiple pieces, you don't want to take away from your overall look. You can keep it neutral or wear colors that contrast each other to bring balance and flair to an outfit. 
  4. Scale patterns — If you decide to go with a patterned overcoat, wear it with a more understated sports jacket and a solid dress shirt for a cohesive look. Alternatively, if you wear a plaid shirt, wear a sweater or jacket with minimal visible texture and a solid overcoat on top. Choose patterns carefully. 
  5. Outer hems should be longer than inner hems — Unless you are fond of untucked shirttails poking out beneath your sweater, your outer hems should be longer than your inner hems. There are some exceptions, but as a general rule, your top layer should be longest.

As the weather gets colder, layering will be less of a choice and more of a necessity, so it's even more important to know how to pull it off. As you put together your ensemble each day, think about where you are going and what you will be doing and layer accordingly. 

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