Luxury Items for Your Professional Wardrobe

Most of us tend to be careful with spending when it comes to our professional wardrobe. We invest in certain pieces and buy the basics to mix and match when we are on a budget. If you find yourself in a position where you have discretionary money to splurge on luxury items, here are a few things to consider.

  1. A tuxedo for formal events. If you attend several formal events a year, it is worth investing in your own tuxedo. You'll avoid the hassle of renting one, and you'll look really sharp in one fitted just for you. Don't forget the patent leather shoes to go with it. 
  2. Leather shoes. You may already have a beautifully tailored suit, but without a nice pair of leather shoes, the ensemble will not look complete. The cap-toe is the dressiest and most popular for business wear, and the wing-tip can also be worn successfully with formal wear. A nice pair of leather loafers is also great to have on hand for all occasions. 
  3. Cuff links. Cuff links add a nice finishing touch to a custom dress shirt. Sure, there are inexpensive ones out there, but to pull off a polished look, invest in a luxury pair. 
  4. Designer sunglasses. Opt for a polarized pair with a classic frame. Aviators and Wayfarers never go out of style and can be customized with color preferences. 
  5. A sophisticated briefcase. If you attend business meetings or carry things back and forth to the office, splurge on a stylish leather briefcase to house your laptop and essentials. 
  6. A classic timepiece. Take your pick at some of the high-end watches available on the market. Consider investing in a watch that is both classic and functional so you can enjoy it for years to come. 

When you have a few extra dollars to spend on your professional wardrobe, think about what you will get the most use out of for work. Research pricing, especially on high-end items and compare brands. Classic pieces will last a lot longer than fads. Spend wisely!

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