Dressing for Charity: Look Your Best at Formal Fundraisers

The holidays have always been a time of giving. Naturally, the giving season is a good time for charity events and formal fundraisers to take place. Whether you are invited by a friend or co-worker, there are some rules of etiquette you should follow. Here are some tips for what to wear, what to give and how to network.

  1. What to wear — For formal events, the invitation should indicate whether it is white tie or black tie. Otherwise, you can safely get away with a dark suit, white shirt and conservative tie. If you know the event is "creative black tie," you have the license to play with etiquette rules and express your personality. A whimsical Squiddledee Tie is the perfect accessory and conversation starter for a creative black tie event. 
  2. What to give — You are invited to support the cause, whatever that may be, so giving a donation for the value of the ticket is appropriate if you can afford it. However, even a small donation will show your support and good faith.
  3. How to network — It is always appropriate to be polite and use manners. Introduce yourself to others while mingling and explain your connection to the host. Since people like to talk about themselves, ask sincere questions and listen with interest. Be sure to show respect to the speakers and avoid side conversations with other guests during this time.

If you've accepted an invitation to a charity event, be sure to show up. The money raised is based on attendance and full tables. If you are unable to attend, let the host know as soon as possible. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to pull off a fundraiser. Do what you can to help the event go smoothly for the host. 

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