Ask the Expert: Collar Styles and Tie Widths

It might seem challenging enough to decide which tie to wear with which shirt, but did you know you should also pay attention to collar styles and tie width? The collar's job is to frame your face, accentuating your best features, so knowing which looks best on you is important. Also, as a general guideline, the width of your tie should approximate the width of your lapel. Does it seem like a lot to think about when getting dressed? Luckily, with a few basic tips, we can help you plan your ensemble with little effort. Here are some turndown collar tips from the experts.

  1. Point collar — The point collar is the most popular style found on men's dress shirts. This look is versatile for the majority of men, especially those with round faces. On the point collar, the points are reasonably close together, leaving a smaller enclosure for a Four-in-Hand or Half-Windsor tie knot. Variation in the point collar can be found in its spread and length. You can pair this shirt with a standard tie or a skinny tie. 
  2. Cutaway collar — Also known as a "spread" collar, this look reveals more of the upper shirt area and leaves room for a larger knot such as the Windsor. Cutaway collars come in a variety of widths which can accentuate different facial features. The Cutaway collar looks best men with thin or long facial features. 
  3. Button down collar — These collars are typically seen on more casual shirts. The button down collar has small button holes at the tip of each point that must be fastened to the corresponding button on the front of the shirt. This collar style can be worn successfully with or without a tie. Since the spread is usually medium to narrow, this shirt looks best with a smaller tie knot such as the Four-in-Hand or Half-Windsor. 

The Squiddledee Tie pairs nicely with each of these collar styles. Create your best look by wearing a shirt with a collar that complements your face. Then select a tie knot that works well with the collar spread. With a polished look and a winning smile, you can face the day head on.