What’s New in Athleisure?

Comfortable and convenient. Delicate and durable. Smart and simple. Today’s office attire shares the same answer to the request of its employees: balance. Like Shakespeare’s oxymoronic “feather of lead,” athleisure is a balance between two opposites: office attire and workout/leisure wear. Seemingly gone are the days of 9 to 5 business hours our grandfathers (or fathers) maintained. Today’s businessmen face a more diverse work culture with flexible hours that bleed into their social and family lives. Although many fashion experts and social historians debate whether athleisure is a trend or staple, this style shift isn’t going anywhere.

The attractive qualities of athleisure wear mimic current social trends. We covet the qualities of technology that spoil and enhance our daily lives and work: efficiency, speed, and user experience. Why can’t our fashion follow suit? Instead of bulky shirts that flap in the wind or scratchy pants that ride too high or sag without a belt, business professionals are opting for functional wear that looks and feels great. From the office to stage, athleisure wear is making strides in all professional arenas. For example, in 2015, American clothing company Coregami released the first technical wear for musicians: the Gershwin. The most versatile, moisture-wicking tuxedo shirt ever designed is currently being worn by some of the world’s most celebrated musicians and touts excellent ratings.

The innovative design elements of athleisure wear are an easy replacement to your stuffy suit. However, if you find the gym-to-office transition tricky, here are some fashion aides to ease your wallet and your mind:

  1. Mesh polo half zips are a classic, easy find at any retail store. The sweat-wicking and ventilation of mesh will ease your transition from gym to work or work to gym, but it might be best to bring a clean shirt, just in case.
  2. Search for “flex material,” which is a popular, relaxed blend for dress pants and casual suits. It is good for the gun show and office presentation.

The versatility of athleisure wear is its most attractive quality. With seamless transitions from the office to any social environment, you can take your style anywhere. Being active doesn’t always mean wearing cut-offs and basketball shorts. Rather, athleisure fits our professional, fast-paced culture without breaking the bank a sweat or the bank.  

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