8 Tips for Packing Your Professional Wardrobe

If you work in corporate America, it is likely you have a few suits in your closet for meetings, dinners, and social functions. You may travel regularly or relocate, and when you do, you want to pack your professional wardrobe with care. It is unreasonable to expect that your garments will stay completely crease-free, but you can certainly minimize the wrinkles by packing correctly. Here are some tips to keep your wardrobe looking sharp when you travel.

  1. Use a regular suitcase in lieu of a garment bag. A suitcase can be packed so items don't move around as much, and you can fit everything in one place. 
  2. Choose heavier fabrics such as wool for packing when possible. Lighter fabrics tend to crease easily and may need to be ironed after the trip.
  3. When folding your suit jacket, put the shoulders together and fold one of the shoulders inside out over the other so that the lining is facing outward. Then fold the jacket in half from the shoulders down. 
  4. Fold your pants in half and then in half again. Place your folded pants inside the fold of the jacket to provide an extra cushion and prevent them from wrinkling. 
  5. Lay your dress shirt faced down on the bed. Fold the sleeves back in a 45-degree angle from the shoulder. Then fold both sleeves over again toward the middle. Next, fold the shirt up about six inches from the bottom. Then fold again and turn it over. Place neatly in your suitcase.
  6. Roll your socks and place them in your dress shoes. Store them in a shoe bag to prevent scuffs. Socks and belts can also be rolled up and placed strategically in your suitcase to prevent things from moving around.
  7. Invest in a leather tie case or, even better, roll your Squiddledee Ties in plastic Ziploc bags to keep them free from stains and moisture.  
  8. If you are relocating and transporting several suits, it might be easier to leave them on the hangers and use a wardrobe box or hire a moving company to pack them for you. You can also use large trash bags to wrap several items on hangers together if you are moving locally.

If you've taken the time and effort to build a professional wardrobe, be sure to follow these tips for traveling and transporting your clothing. A few extra minutes preparing can save you time when you unpack. 

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