Fanatic Fans: Ties for the Sports Fan

Women often accessorize with jewelry, while men make a statement with neckwear. A necktie reveals your true self and is a window to your personality, so why not express yourself and showcase your passions with your ties?
Men who wear ties typically value looking professional and business-like. The colors, patterns and nuance of the knot say a lot about them. For example, red is viewed as a symbol of authority and is often seen as a “power tie.” Striped-ties are seen as classic and conservative, and the Windsor knot is suitable for formal occasions.
However, there is much more to a necktie than just formal wear these days.  Men wear different ties in different settings and for different reasons. A man must have a good number of ties in his collection to showcase his personality, especially when it comes to sports. Team logos and typical sports-related ties can seem informal and immature; however there are now more sophisticated ways to express your love of sports.
Men can show their enthusiasm for their favorite sport by wearing a refined necktie that expresses their love for the game in a classy way. Whether it’s baseball, basketball, golf or hockey, Squiddledee Ties offers a colorful selection of neckties for the Sporting Gent. Made of 100 percent silk in the USA, Squiddledee Ties exemplify America’s love of sports.
The classic Sporting Gent Collection from Squiddledee Ties are appropriate in the workplace or on the sidelines of the court. They are refined and expressive, just like the men who wear them.

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