Dress for Success: Dress Like You’re Going Places

When you are at work, you want to present yourself as a whole package. Your brilliant ideas, office etiquette and wardrobe say a lot about you. Although many companies now have a laid-back dress code, you need to make sure you are dressing appropriately for your profession, especially if you want to be taken seriously for advancement within the company.
Wearing a suit to work every day is not necessary in most professions and can come across as trying too hard; however, a shirt and tie is always a winning look. With Squiddledee Ties, you can play up your personality with fun prints while still looking polished and professional. Showcase your individuality by adding Squiddledee Ties to your wardrobe in lieu of the typical office tie.
Polished shoes, a neutral jacket and matching slacks are also traditional items to wear to work. If your office is more casual, you may swap out slacks for jeans or khakis, but it is safer to overdress on the first day until you know for sure. Avoid wearing anything too flashy, especially loud colors, jewelry or crazy prints.
Make sure your clothing fits properly. A tight jacket or pants that aren’t hemmed will make you look unkempt. A disheveled appearance will not create credibility.
Check out what the managers and other employees are wearing in your office or see if there is a dress code policy that you can follow. If you are an intern or starting out in an entry-level position, how you dress will tell the boss how you see yourself and how you approach the job. 

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