All Aboard: How to Make a Great Impression on a Cruise

Going on a cruise is like embarking upon a classy party pilgrimage with a bunch of strangers. Whether you’re sipping a cold beverage by the poolside or running on the treadmill, you just never know who you’ll meet while you’re on board the ship. So before you sail away, check out these tips for making an unforgettable impression with everyone you meet.
#1: Be cheerful
We’re generally attracted to people who smile and look friendly, so make it a point to be cheerful and pleasant in your interactions. Make eye contact and say hello to people when you walk by them. You never know how many doors will open from a simple, “How’s it going?”
#2: Mind your Ps and Qs
If you decide to drink on the cruise, don’t make a drunken fool out of yourself. You’d hate to ruin someone else’s vacation and be remembered as “that drunk guy who wouldn’t stop screaming.”
#3: Break out your summer formal wear
Cruises have plenty of formal dinners, so be sure to bring a couple of your best summer formal outfits. If you really want to make a lasting impression, forget the cabana shirts and complement your formal wear with an unforgettable tie that makes a statement about your personality, like one from Squiddledee Ties.
Squiddledee offers a huge variety of stunning designs that are specially made to flow with your personality. With clever styles like the octopus-themed “The Player” and “Fish or Cut Bait,” Squiddledee Ties are the classiest way to get noticed. All of their ties are available in multiple colors, and they’re all made right here in the U.S. with 100 percent silk.
Have fun, relax, and get out there and meet some new people! 

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