​What the Colors You Wear Say About Your Personality

Sure, there’s no doubt that we all look good in different colors. Maybe your skin tone lends better to colors like green, yellow, and white, or maybe your eye color makes red a natural color for you. But have you ever wondered about the psychological reasons you choose certain colors?
It’s no mystery that there’s an unspoken sort of psychology behind the colors we choose. As mentioned by Psychology Today, colors say a lot about who we are, which is why the colors you wear affect the way others perceive your personality before you even say a single word. Here we’ll break down some common colors and explain the personality types they represent.
It’s all about power and influence with red. Politicians rock red ties like crazy, as well as anyone in any sort of leadership position. Since red signifies danger, oftentimes our attention is heightened when we see red. This is why regular “stop sign” red is great for anyone who wants to be seen as powerful and assertive. However, dark red hues can help you be seen as more of a trustworthy or candid person.
It’s sleek, sophisticated, yet incredibly mysterious. We suggest wearing black sparingly, since it can make you seem somewhat pretentious if you wear too much of it. While black is a great choice for guys who like to portray that bad boy image, it’s also worn by people who aren’t quite introverts but definitely aren’t the super outgoing types.
Think of places where you’ve seen purple—portraits of kings and queens, Mardi Gras, Crown Royal Whiskey. Simply put, purple is the color of wealth and royalty. People who wear purple are typically confident, successful, and looking to stand out from the rest. Psychology Today says that people who wear purple are “artistic and unique,” but sometimes arrogant—which isn’t too far off from those regal characteristics we’re talking about.
Calling all introverts: grey is the quiet, unassuming color that could fit your personality like a glove. Detached and unemotional, it’s no wonder that grey is the color of choice for Christian Grey. While grey might not seem like a very exciting color at first, it can show others that you’re stable and mature. On the other hand, shades like silver can be super exciting, showing the world that you’re a man who appreciates the finer things in life.
Blue is about as neutral as it gets. It’s calming and peaceful, making it a great choice for the agreeable, diplomatic types. But like red, different personality types are more inclined to different shades of blue. While sky blue is simple and easygoing, darker shades like royal blue can give others the impression that you’re an exciting person.
If you’re more of the conservative type, go with navy to give your outfit a polished touch. Though no matter what shade of blue you go with, a majority of people will probably get the idea that you’re friendly and personable.
Green is definitely the fun, party-going color of the bunch. It’s literally the color of life—just look outside your window in the middle of June to see what we mean. While darker shades like hunter green have a calming sort of effect, lighter shades like lime green can be pretty exciting. If you’re the eccentric type, go with light green. But if you’re somewhat down to earth, dark green will tell the world that you’re pretty even keeled.
Here’s another fun, refreshing color that only the cheery types wear. But while lighter shades of yellow call to mind a peppy personality, darker shades like gold and mustard can have a similar effect as money-hungry purple.
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