Pocket Squares 101: How to Fold and Wear Them

When it comes to your formal wear, the necktie is always the star of the show, but the pocket square definitely plays the best supporting role. Here we’ll show you a couple ways to properly fold a pocket square, as well as some pointers about coordinating it with your tie style.
How to fold it
#1: Lay the pocket square flat like a diamond
#2: Fold the bottom half up to form a triangle
#3: Fold the left corner towards the right so that the tip is touching the center
#4: Repeat step #3 for the right side, and you’re done
How to wear it

  • Pocket Squares and ties aren’t meant to match. Trying to match your pocket square with your tie not only takes attention away from your face, but it makes the tie seem less unique. Instead, aim to coordinate your pocket square with your outfit by wearing a solid-colored pocket square that matches your shirt color or matches a color in your tie.

  • Always mix your patterns with the smaller patterns on the pocket square. Remember, the job of the pocket square is to support the tie, not to steal the show. Rather than match patterns, try to mix slightly similar patterns, such as stripes and plaids, or dotted pocket squares with print ties.

  • When in doubt, go with white. White is always a classic choice for a pocket square, and does wonders for highlighting your intriguing necktie

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