8 Tips for Packing Like a Pro on Your Next Business Trip

If you want to look your best when traveling for business, you've got to know how to pack efficiently and properly so your clothes don’t look like raisins by the time you get to the hotel. We’ve broken down some super effective packing tips like how fold your suit so you can keep it crisp in transit.

But before we get started with these awesome packing tips, we definitely recommend investing in a suitor. A carry-on can certainly get the job done, but a suitor is specially designed to keep your suit snug, wrinkle-free, and separate from the rest of your clothes. And don’t try to stuff your suit in an overhead compartment on the plane, no matter how gently you think you can do it. With all the shifting of luggage, you’re only asking for a trip to the dry cleaner when you arrive at your destination.

Packing Tips
Whether you're going with a suitor or a standard rolling luggage case, these tips will help you maximize space and bring all the things you need most.

#1: Don't rush. The sooner you start packing, the better you'll pack. At a very minimum, pack the night before you're set to leave. This seems like a no-brainer, but it's just so important—and it's always the sloppiest guys who ignore this valuable tidbit.

#2: Maximize space. Start by packing your shoes with the flat sides against the walls of your luggage case. This will help maximize that valuable lateral space. Then, stuff your shoes with socks, belts, and undergarments. If you don't feel comfortable stuffing your clean undergarments in your shoes, put them in zippered sandwich bags beforehand.

Tightly roll any remaining undergarments and pack them in the undergarment pouch on the lid of your luggage case. If you don't have an undergarment pouch, simply place your undergarment “rolls” against the perimeter of the case.

#3: Show your ties some TLC. A tie case can do wonders for keeping your ties in tip top shape, especially if you're the type who likes to sport high-quality silk duds like Squiddledee Ties. If you have a tie case, pack it in your luggage case last. But if you don't have a tie case, simply roll your ties and place them in a zippered sandwich bag like you did with your undergarments. Likewise, place the ties along the perimeter of the case to keep them intact.

#4. Completely zipper and button all of your shirts and pants, fold them, and set them aside. This will help keep your shirts and pants as compact as possible.

#5: Roll your tees and fold your button-downs. Don't worry about wrinkles right now—just iron your button-down shirts when you get to the hotel.

#6: Pack any t-shirts or undershirts along the bottom of the luggage case.

#7: Pack your pants on top of the t-shirts, and then pack your button-downs on top of the pants. If you're going on an extended business trip, try the bundling method.

#8: Pack your suit.

  • If you're packing in a carry-on, start by laying your jacket across the case with the front side up. You'll want to make sure that the shoulders are touching the wide end of the case and that the jacket is fully buttoned.

  • Bring the sleeves across the jacket.

  • Lay your pants longways across the jacket. The waist should be touching the short end of the luggage case.

  • Fold the tail of the jacket over the pants.

  • Fold the legs of the pants over the jacket. Neatly tuck the suit into the case, and you're done. When you get to the hotel, be sure to unpack your suit ASAP and hang it up to let the fabrics breathe.

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