​6 Reasons Why American-Made Products Rock

From sea to shining sea, the U.S. is filled with some of the best innovators and products in the entire universe. As Americans, we pride ourselves on being the best in the world at everything we do, and the unparalleled quality of our products is a shining example of why the U.S. rocks.
Other countries have been following our lead for decades, offering high quality products, only at a fraction of the price of American made products. But while you may be saving a few bucks on an imported product, it’s important to remember that buying American is the key to keeping our nation strong for years to come. Below we’ll list a few more important reasons why buying American makes a huge difference for your fellow citizens and people across the globe.
#1: American-made products make American jobs. We listed these reasons in no particular order, except for #1. The American products you buy are made by Americans workers, keeping more Americans employed and self-sufficient. And when you consider that nearly one in every 10 Americans is unemployed, the call to buy American means more than ever before.  
#2: American products are high quality and one of a kind. While many large foreign companies pump out millions of the same exact product on massive assembly lines, American companies like Squiddledee Ties pride themselves on offering unique products made by hand.
Unlike those imported, mass produced ties you’ll find in department stores, Squiddledee offers a variety of stunning designs that are specially made to match your unique personality. With fun, yet sophisticated styles like “The Ponderer” and “Fish or Cut Bait,” Squiddledee Ties let your personality shine before you say even a single word. And while imported ties are rushed through an assembly line, Squiddledee Ties are made in the U.S. with expert craftsmanship and the finest silk.
#3: It’s economically sound. When you support American businesses, you ensure that your money stays right here in the U.S.—not to the fat bank account of a foreign company. Not only does the money you spend on American products help create jobs in the U.S., but it also helps local companies grow their businesses and become more successful in the global marketplace. And when American businesses prosper, America prospers.
#4: You reduce your carbon footprint. When you buy American-made products, you help reduce the amount of fuel spent on overseas shipping. In turn, buying American helps reduce the damage done to the environment by harmful emissions from shipping vehicles.
#5: It’s ethically sound. Many countries that export their products to the U.S., such as India and China, have incredibly low labor standards. Millions of people in these nations are exposed to dangerous working conditions for anywhere from 12-18 hours every single day. The pay in these nations is deplorable, and many of them allow child labor. Buying products from such countries only supports these unethical practices.
#6: Buying American helps your local communities. When you buy American, you help your community thrive by making local businesses successful. You also enjoy more accessible and friendly customer service than when trying to reach an overseas company, and get the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your purchase came from.
Remember, it’s not all about how much you spend that makes your purchase a good buy. It’s all about the quality of your purchase, and what your money does for you after you’ve spent it. Do your part to help U.S. businesses rock the global marketplace.
Buy American.

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