​Yes, Guys Can Dress for Their Eyes Too

Let’s face it, fellas—most of us don’t put nearly as much thought into the way we dress as women do. Women have a complete system to building their wardrobe, whether they admit it or not. First, a woman looks for clothes that flatter her figure. She just knows what colors go well with her skin tone, and she even likes to pick out clothes that highlight her eye color.
On the other hand, most of us guys don’t have a clue on why we dress the way we do. At some point during his life, a guy wears a certain color, and for some inexplicable reason he knows he looks great in that color. The same goes for colors he doesn’t like—he throws on a shirt of a color he normally doesn’t wear, and all day he just doesn’t feel right and doesn’t really know why.
But what about coordinating clothes with eye color?
The key word here is “coordinate,” which doesn’t necessarily mean to match. Yeah, we’re getting into semantics here, but it’s important to remember that matching clothes with your eye color works in most situations, but not all.
In many situations, you might find a contrasting color that complements your eye color. For example, guys with brown eyes seem to look awesome in navy, while guys with blue eyes have a mysterious way of looking amazing in grey. Ok, ok, we’ll stop talking and just break it all down below.
If you have green eyes:

  • Wear green. A green shirt will make your eye color somewhat less dramatic, but wearing a shirt with green as a secondary color or wearing a green tie will subtly, yet tastefully make your eye color shine.  

  • Purple and turquoise are great complementing colors. Trust us here.

If you have blue or grey eyes:

  • Wear light blue. It’s a neutral match that you just can’t go wrong with.

  • Wear grey. The darker the hue of blue your eyes are, the lighter hue of grey you should go with.

If you have brown or hazel eyes:

  • Wear earth tones, like olive and beige.

  • Be careful with brown. Yeah, it sounds strange, but let us explain. Wearing too much brown can be overwhelming if you have an exceptionally darker shade of brown eyes. If you have a lighter shade, such as hazel eyes, brown will work just fine.

  • Wear navy.

These rules doesn’t just apply to casual wear either. If you’re aiming to stand out from the rest of the suits at the office, coordinating your clothes and accessories with your eye color can take your formal wear from sharp to stunning. You can wear shirts with stripes that match your eye color, or go with ties that match your eye color, like Squiddledee Ties. The great thing about Squiddledee Ties is that their clever designs are available in multiple colors, and each style is specially made to mesh with your personality.
With intriguing styles like “The Plodder (Hippo)” and “When Pigs Fly,” Squiddledee makes it easy to coordinate your tie with your eye color and your persona. And to top it off, all of their ties are made in the U.S. with 100 percent silk for unforgettable quality that’s sure to get you noticed.
When it comes to coordinating your clothes and accessories with your eye color, don’t be afraid of experimenting with new colors. Have fun with it! You never know what great new side of you will come to life. 

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