​Where to Wear Custom Ties

Neckties are all about adding a finishing splash of self-expression to your formal wear. It’s your chance to stand out from the rest of the suits and give the world a glimpse of your awesome personality. But even ties with unique designs can start to blend in with the crowd, which is why there’s no better way to stand out than by rocking a custom tie.
Sure, custom ties are definitely a bit pricier than your average necktie, but do you see yourself as the average guy? Yeah, didn’t think so.
Custom ties are all the rage right now, because there’s absolutely no limit to the way you can design them. Maybe you’re looking for a monogrammed tie with specialized artwork, or maybe you want a tie with a symbol of your hometown. When it comes to custom ties, the possibilities are endless.
Of course, finding a great designer for your custom tie can be tricky, which is why you’ll want to be sure to go with an established tie specialist that uses high quality materials and makes a stunning variety of tie styles, like Squiddledee Ties.
Squiddledee Ties’ talented team of expert designers can help you turn your vision into a stunning custom tie reality. Just take a look at their vast inventory of cleverly crafted styles. With singular styles like “Fat Cat,” “Rubber Ducky,” and their new “Sporting Gent” collection, there’s no question that you’ll receive a timeless tie that speaks volumes about your personality. And they make all of their ties right here in the U.S. with 100 percent silk for unparalleled quality that lasts a lifetime.  
A tie for you, a tie for me
Not only are custom ties great for your everyday wardrobe, but they’re great for groups. Think of custom ties as a sophisticated way of identifying yourself with a group that’s special to you, like a club or your family. Some other great uses for custom ties include:

  • Custom ties for groomsmen. Forget the stock ties and bowties that the rental companies offer. If you really want to make those groomsmen unforgettable, get the fellas wearing some custom ties. You can have them monogrammed with each groomsman’s initials and go with the thematic colors of the wedding or have a special pattern designed that relates to the happy couple.

  • Your favorite sports teams. Yeah, you can always go to the NFL shop and grab a cookie-cutter tie with the logo of your favorite team, just like they have for all the other 31 teams. The same goes for every other professional sport. If you really want to show your team pride, go custom. You can have patterns of your favorite player’s jersey, patterns with championship years in your team’s favorite colors, or any other design you can think up.

  • Corporate events. Custom ties take corporate team-building to the next level. They also make a killer corporate gift for bosses or employees.

  • Fraternities. Most frats have customized ties anyway, but it seems like they all go with the same designer and those tired collegiate stripes. Work with an uber-creative designer like Squiddledee and make custom ties that you and your brothers will wear with pride for years to come. 

  • Your alma mater. Steer clear of the college store and rep your alma mater with a unique tie that no other grad has.

The point here—think outside of the readymade ties you can find in stores. Any tie that you can find in stores is made by the thousands, but a custom tie is the epitome of one-of-a-kind.
Be exceptional. 

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