Spring Cleaning (Your Closet)

Aside from washing your car and cleaning out the garage, spring is a great time to clean and organize your closet. With the warmer weather settling in, you can pack up those bulky sweaters and jackets and move them out of site for a few months. Whether your closet is big or small, we have some tips for getting your clothing organized so you can easily reach for what you need every morning. 

  1. Begin by tackling one part of your closet at a time. Emptying the whole thing can be overwhelming. Start with shoes one day, then pants, then shirts, etc. Breaking the task into smaller parts can make it more manageable. 
  2. As you look over each piece, make piles to keep, donate, and throw out. If you haven't worn it in over a year, you probably don't need to keep it. Items in good shape can be donated to a local organization or to someone you know who might benefit. Items that have holes or are heavily worn should be thrown out.
  3. Once you've determined what you're keeping, you will want to sort based on your needs. For example, if you wear dress shirts daily, you will want to have easy access to them. Put your favorite Squiddledee Ties front and center so you can easily match one to your shirt. 
  4. Fold and put away items that can be stored on shelves such as light sweaters and jeans. Top shelves can get particularly messy, so consider using dividers to prevent your things from falling over when you reach for them.
  5. Organize by grouping like items. Keep pants in one area and shirts in another, etc. This will help you find your items quickly. Use clear bins to store smaller items so you can see what's in them. 

Before you put your items back in your closet, be sure to clean up by wiping down the shelves and vacuuming the floor. If your'e spending the time to organize, you'll want everything to feel fresh and new. The satisfaction of a big closet purge will have you smiling when you get ready for work the next morning.

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