​All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go? 5 Great Places to Dress to the Nines

Dressing up rocks. No, we’re not talking about the chinos and button down you wear in your cubicle every day. We mean the three-piece suit and silk tie dressed up. There’s just something about the feel of a freshly pressed pair of suit trousers and the flawless shine of Italian leather oxfords that makes you feel like Donald Trump. But how often do we really get a chance to go all out with formal attire?
Don’t wait for the next wedding or job interview to break out your classiest wear. We’ll show you a few great places where you can dress your absolute best, even if it’s for no special occasion.
#1: The Symphony. Most of our ears aren’t used to the melodies and polyrhythms of classical music, but give it a chance—the music and the talent of those on stage is absolutely breathtaking when you kick back and really listen to it.
What to wear: Some venues will have a black tie dress code, which means that you ought to wear a tux. If you don’t have a tux, sport your very best suit and dress shoes.
#2: Networking Events. You can never make enough new contacts, and networking events are all the rage these days, no matter what industry you work in.
What to wear: You know the saying—when you look great, you feel great, so wear your best everything, from your suit to your accessories.
If you really want to look and feel like you’re on top of your game, wear an intriguing tie that makes a statement about your personality, like Squiddledee Ties. Unlike those cookie cutter ties you find in department stores, Squiddledee Ties offers a huge variety of cutting edge designs that are specially made to flow with your personality. With clever styles like “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” and “Fish or Cut Bait,” Squiddledee Ties are the unforgettable way to get noticed no matter where you rock your formal wear. All of their ties are available in multiple colors, and they’re all made right here in the U.S. with 100 percent silk.
#3: Charity benefits. You get to schmooze with some philanthropic folks and give back to a great cause.
What to wear: Check the invitation. Dress codes at charity benefits will normally call for black or white tie attire. If no dress code is specified, wear your best suit and pair it with Squiddledee’s “Bluebird of Happiness” for good measure.
#4: Art gallery openings. Free drinks and a ton of cool canvases? Do it. Besides, you never know who you’ll meet.
What to wear. Dress standards are usually on the laid back side, but some gallery openings definitely call for formal attire. If the invitation doesn’t specify a dress code, you can always play it safe with a suit. But if you’re expecting to be amongst a hip, younger crowd, go with a pair of dark jeans, a button down, and a blazer.
#5: Hotel bars. Hotel bars are always loaded with people from out of town on business trips, who are typically dressed in business attire. If you wanna shake things up a bit and meet some new folks, head over to the bar at a five-star hotel in your area and mingle it up.
What to wear: You can wear a suit if you want to, but you might seem out of place.  Most business travelers take the first opportunity they can to ditch the shirt and tie.  Try something a bit more casual like a pair of jeans and a suit jacket or buttondown.  

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