5 Fun Ways to Involve Dads-to-Be in the Baby Experience

Ladies, let's be honest . . . it's not uncommon to feel like you’re going it alone during pregnancy. But this is 2015, and when it comes to pregnancies and kids, dads and dads-to-be want to be more involved than ever before.
Here are a few simple tips for helping to create some special memories and making the dad-to-be feel like he’s part of the pregnancy experience. 
#1: Go to OB/GYN appointments together. No, he doesn’t have to be there for every appointment, but seeing the ultrasounds and hearing the baby’s heartbeat are sure to excite even the most hands-off father-in-waiting. Yes, planning appointment times that work with both of your schedules can definitely be tricky, so be sure to give him plenty of notice for an appointment so that he has time to weave it into his schedule. Once the appointment is set, send him Google calendar invites to remind him. When you’re on your way to the doctor’s office, be sure to encourage him to ask the doc any questions he might have. Interaction and dialogue will make him feel involved.
#2: Let him help design the baby’s bedroom. Set aside a time when you two can bounce some ideas off of each other and design the baby’s bedroom. If your hubby is great with tools, this is his chance to put his handy skills to use and craft the ultimate (but still adorable) nursery. Adding features like a mounted fold-up changing station, shelves, a fresh coat of paint, and cool wall designs can add convenience to the nursery and get that dad-to-be all in on the experience.
#3: Create a gift registry together. He may not know all the things you two will need as well as you do, but togetherness will get him in that team player mentality. When you’re clicking through items to add to your registry, ask him what he thinks about each item (even if you plan on adding it anyway (and in the color you prefer)).
#4: Throw a couples’ shower or a man shower. This is where it gets fun. Couples’ showers and man showers are huge these days, giving guys a chance to be even more of a part of the pregnancy excitement.
If you still want to go the traditional route and have a women-only baby shower, talk to his friends about throwing him a man-shower. It’s the same thing as a traditional baby shower, only in a guy sort of way—with guy food at a guy sort of place, like a brewery or a bar.

Of course, showers are meant to shower the parents with gifts for the baby, but that doesn’t mean that the parents can’t shower each other with gifts too. Give him a gift that will really make him feel like a dad, like a dad-to-be book or something fun
 like Squiddledee Ties' new “Special Delivery” tie. Featuring a fun stork design in a classy pattern, this sophisticated tie is a great way to help your man show his excitement about fatherhood. And like all Squiddledee ties, “Special Delivery” is American-made with 100 percent silk and expert craftsmanship that always stands out.  

#5: Take pregnancy fitness classes together. Pregnancy Pilates, yoga, and water aerobics are just a few examples of some of the great classes that can help you and your hubby bond and stay in shape throughout the pregnancy. Check with your local fitness center to see what type of classes they’re offering.
Remember—involving the dad-to-be is all about togetherness. Keep him engaged in every step along the way, and if you have friends with kids, ask them what they did to get dad feeling more involved. This is a new (and often unchartered) territory for both of you. Enjoy finding your way together. 

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