Top 5 Spring 2017 Fashion Trends for Men

Maybe you have an eye for fashion, but you're not exactly looking to imitate the models on the runway. You can still pay attention to what's trendy and pull a few ideas for your own look. From business to casual, there are a few ways to update your look without completely changing your wardrobe. Here are 5 of the Top Spring 2017 fashion trends for men. 

  1. V-Neck Sweaters — A regular staple in many closets, the V-neck sweater might be something you already own. The only difference is this year, the V-neck is taking on a more angular style, so you may not be able to pass off one of your old ones. Realistically, would you really want to? When shopping, keep your eye out for one of the newer looks and snatch one or two in your favorite colors.
  2. Statement Overcoats — You probably already own a navy or gray topcoat that you pull out for colder days. This season, you can take that look up a notch by getting something a little more adventurous. Perhaps, a different color, texture, or print? Pair it with your ripped jeans and your coolest kicks for a casual look that's sure to stand out.
  3. Bleached Jeans — Hiding away since the 80s, bleached jeans are making a comeback. Check out your favorite brands and pick up a pair that is bleached to stay on trend. There will be plenty of subtle options available if you don't want to look too punk.
  4. Baggier Suits — As much as the slim-fit can be flattering on stylish men, the more relaxed, baggier style is making a statement this season. You will still need to buy the right suit in your size, it will just have a more relaxed look. Whatever you do, don't size up just to get the baggie look. You can pair a Squiddledee Tie with your relaxed suit for a fresh business look, or wear with a T-shirt and sneakers for a more casual look.
  5. Wide Cropped Trousers — Along with the suits, pants are becoming more relaxed. In lieu of slim-fitted jeans, try a pair of wide cropped trousers with a button-down or T-shirt. Carefully coordinate this look so you don't look like you're wearing pants that are too short. 

Even if you take one or two ideas from these spring trends, you will add something new to your look. The most important rule is to buy clothes that fit you or pieces you can have tailored. If you really want to step out of your comfort zone, you could buy a pair of overalls, which are also making their way back this season!

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