6 Foolproof Power Moves to Get Ahead at Work

We’ve all been there at one point or another—the low man on the totem pole at work striving to get ahead. No, the journey to the top isn’t easy, but with the right attitude, work ethic, and appearance, you can earn your place in the corporate sun. So to help you work your way up the ladder, we’ve listed six surefire power moves that are sure to get you noticed.
Power Move #1: Dress for success. The old adage is tried and true, even in today’s more casual workplace. Appearance is always the first thing co-workers and managers consider as they form opinions, so if you want to be respected around the workplace, dress like you mean it. Be sure to pay attention to the details of your appearance, and make sure that your clothes are freshly pressed and your grooming is intact.
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Power Move #2: Arrive early, stay late. Are you another employee who comes in at 8:55 and leaves at 5:01, or do you work as long as it takes to finish the day’s tasks? If you really want to move ahead, arrive at work early and stay late. Managers will always appreciate your devotion, and even if they don’t take notice at first, they always will at some point.
Power Move #3: Think like an owner. Like power move #2, the idea is to meet and exceed what is expected of you and treat the company as if you were its sole owner. Everything from shutting off lights in the restrooms to staying late to resolve issues are actions that are bound to be noticed by the big shots. From here on out, the company’s best interests are your best interests.
Power move #4: Be neutral. Always steer clear of office drama at all costs. If someone complains about a manager or co-worker, either give no response or change the subject. Maintaining a neutral stance in the office is crucial, whether you agree with disgruntled co-workers or not. On the other hand, if you hear a co-worker complaining about a manager, keep it to yourself unless a manager asks you about it— no-one likes a snitch.
Power Move #5: Find a mentor. Is there a senior employee in the company you admire and on whom your boss relies? Get to know the MVPs at work, and absorb their advice like a sponge. Learn their work ethic, and keep the relationship professional.
Power Move #6: Keep track of your successes (quietly). Remember, you’re one of several employees, and the manager won’t always remember all of the things you’ve done to help the company grow. Be sure to keep track of factual information, such as sales growth, projects completed, etc. When review time comes around, that list of your successes not only helps with salary negotiations, but it shows that you take ownership of your work, a quality that employers treasure in their employees. Never use this information to leverage yourself above another employee, and keep it between you and your immediate manager.
Working your way to the top takes patience, but by sticking to these power moves, you’ll get there with grace and earn a ton of respect along the way.

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