Touches of Style: Essential Accessories for Every Outfit

Sure, you can wear imported suits during the week and sport classy causal wear on the weekends, but if you’re really looking to take your outfit up a notch, you’ve got to accessorize like you mean it. Below we’ve listed a few of our favorite accessories that are simply essential for any guy looking to take his outfit to the next dimension.
#1: Pocket Squares.  It’s the ultimate gentlemen’s accessory, and next to wearing a necktie, the best way to add some personality to your outfit. When wearing pocket squares with formal wear, make sure that it complements your shirt and tie. Go with a solid pocket square when wearing a patterned tie and vice versa. Besides, you wouldn’t want your chest pocket hanging out there all empty and alone, would you? Complete the look with pocket squares, and don’t hesitate to have fun with it.
#2: Umbrellas. They’re so important that you might want to keep a backup at your desk just in case a surprise shower rolls through before your commute home. Just because it’s raining or snowing doesn’t mean that people don’t notice your umbrella. You want something that’s classy and easy to carry, yet durable enough to withstand wind gusts, so don’t be afraid to spend a few bucks on a quality umbrella. Check out Burberry and London Undercover to get an idea of what we’re talking about. Save the umbrella of your favorite sports team for Sunday tailgating.
#3: Patterned Socks. Think socks don’t matter? Think again. Subtle details are important in any type of outfit, and even if you’re sporting casual wear, a pair of patterned socks can make your outfit incredibly impressive. For both formal and casual wear, try coordinating your socks with other pieces of your outfit, such as your necktie and shirt color. When shopping for patterned socks, keep it tasteful—spring for plaids, hounds tooth, and stripes. Wear bright colors sparingly with formal wear, but for casual wear, feel free to go all out- as long as they match with your shirt.
#4: Minimalist Wallet. The bulky billfold of yesteryears has given way to a variety of sleek wallets that prevent that obnoxious back pocket bulge. Minimalist wallets come in a range of styles, from carbon-fiber plated to wooden slot-style. No matter what type of minimalist wallet you go with, the premise is simple—only carry what you need (i.e. your business cards, credit/debit card, ID).
#5: Aviators. Aviators are still the way to go when wearing shades. Their versatility makes them great with any outfit, but be mindful of color. Wear grey or black shades with dark colored suits in the cooler months and brown shades with lighter-colored suits in the warm months. Color isn’t as important with casual wear, but the season rule still applies.
#6: Necktie. Sure, everyone knows that you need a necktie with formal wear, but we just thought we’d reiterate how you can use a tie to breathe some serious life into your outfit. You always want to coordinate tie color and patterns with the shirt you’re wearing, but use the tie as an opportunity to let your personality shine through in your outfit.
Go for classy ties with interesting patterns like Squiddledee Ties. Between their elusive “Fish or Cut Bait” and their playful “Bloom No. 18,” Squiddledee has a vast selection of intriguing styles that are specially made to flow with your personality. Each Squiddledee tie is made right here in the U.S. with the highest quality craftsmanship and 100 percent silk, great for taking your outfit to the next level. 
#7: Tie bar. If you care about how you look, then you know that an unfettered tie can spoil even the sharpest of outfits. Wear your tie bar between the third and fourth buttons of your oxford, and be sure to go with a narrow tie clip, as you don’t want to impose upon the centerpiece of your outfit.
#8: Gym Bag. You don’t actually stuff your gym clothes in a grocery bag, do you? Keep your class with a vintage-style gym duffle. L.L. Bean and J. Crew offer some classic gym duffle bags that are essential for the guy on-the-go. Water-resistant canvas and leather are good materials to look for when buying a gym duffle. 

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