The Modern Man’s Guide to Accessories

From unique tie designs to high-tech watches, accessories are all the rage these days in men’s fashion. While dress wear can be somewhat stiff, the right accessories can give you a chance to stand out from the rest of the suits and make formal wear fun. So to help you breathe some life into your wardrobe, below we’ve listed 7 incredible accessories that no modern man can do without.

  1. Samsung Gear S Tizen-Based Smartwatch (coming soon). It’s not yet released here in the U.S., but this super functional smartwatch is Bluetooth-enabled and has Wi-Fi connectivity. As is the case with most Samsung products, the Gear S has a breathtakingly vivid display, and even comes with a heart rate monitor for use with its “S Health” app.
  2. Forestbound Elliot Wallet. Minimalist wallets are the way to go these days, and the rugged, yet refined Elliot Wallet from Forestbound gives you plenty of space for all the things you need most, sans the back pocket bulge you get with bulky billfolds.
  3. Reed Navigator Sunglasses by Fossil. They’re sleek, modern, and simply a staple of today’s street-savvy professional.
  4. Bloom No. 18 Necktie from Squiddledee Ties. The tie is the centerpiece of the male outfit, and there’s no better way to add some personality to your look than by sporting a Squiddledee Tie. They come in a wide variety of unique, yet sophisticated prints that are specifically designed to get the conversation started.  And they’re made right here in the U.S. with 100% silk, for impeccable quality that’s sure to get you noticed.
  5. Guilloche Enamel Green Cufflinks by Kent Wang. Vintage materials meet contemporary construction in the Guilloche Enamel cufflinks by Kent Wang. If you’re looking to add a subtle dimension of high quality to your outfit, look no further than Kent Wang.
  6. Lane Men’s Socks by Robert Graham. Made with a cushy soft blend of Peruvian Pima Cotton and Nylon, these swanky socks are as comfortable as they are classy, great for adding some captivating detail to your formal wear.
  7. J. Crew Leather Dress Belt. This classic leather belt is incredibly lightweight and durable, the quintessential finish to any formal outfit.

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