#OOTD — Is Yours Worthy?

Fashion bloggers commonly showcase their Outfit Of The Day, often abbreviated OOTD, on social media websites such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr or on YouTube. Although popular with a younger female demographic, OOTD is catching on with men's fashion too. From casual spring outfit ideas with your Squiddledee Tie to tutorials on making a bowtie, OOTD pictures are popping up everywhere. Make sure your next outfit is worthy of a hashtag by following these tips.

  1. Pick an interesting backdrop. Make your outfit pop by standing in front of a natural landscape, cool architecture, or a bright mural. Change up you location daily for added interest.
  2. Instead of the routine selfie, have someone else take your picture. They will get a better shot of your whole outfit, and you can play around with poses and different backgrounds. At the very least, use a tripod or selfie stick.
  3. Creatively crop your look. Every OOTD pic doesn't need to include your face. If your hair isn't cooperating, just capture part of your face. Have the camera focus in on something you want to stand out instead, like your Squiddledee Tie.
  4. Stage a few still shots of just your clothes. Spotlight your outfit by arranging it on the floor or on the bed for an eye-catching look. Just use a white sheet beneath the items and arrange them it a unique way. 
  5. Aim for soft lighting when you shoot. For the best lighting, take your pictures an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset. This lighting offers warmth and dimension without fancy filters or equipment.  
  6. Focus on the details. Give a sneak peek of your tie from a different angle, maybe from above. If you're wearing the Bluebird of Happiness in purple, wear a white shirt so it stands out. Be sure to wear complementary shoes since the angle from above will show them off.
  7. Play up your own personality. If you are looking to increase your followers, you'll want to add personality and fun to your OOTD. 

It might take a few tries, but creating the best OOTD pic isn't as hard as you think. Take several shots and pick your favorite before posting. Follow some inspiring fashion bloggers to get more ideas if you are stuck. Just remember to celebrate your own style and have fun.

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