Play up your St. Patrick's Day outfit with the Fat Cat tie in green.

Let’s Get Lucky — Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

If you're heading to a St. Patrick's Day party, wearing green is a must! Regardless of the venue, you can skip the crazy green T-shirt with the obnoxious saying and instead opt for something a little more classy. To play up your outfit with a little green, pair the Fat Cat or Wolf in Sheep's Clothing tie with your favorite dress shirt and a pair of jeans. Or, select from several other Squiddledee Ties that come in green to express your personality. Once you have your outfit figured out, you can focus on having a good time. Here are a few other tips for attending a St. Patrick's Day party.

  1. Although the holiday is synonymous with drinking, be sure not to overindulge. Pace yourself and drink plenty of water throughout the party. Since you will be looking classy, you will want to act classy, too. Enjoy one or two of your favorite drinks, and be sure to eat something.
  2. Plan your ride ahead of time. If you plan to partake in drinking, designate a driver or take Uber. Don't risk getting behind the wheel if you've had anything to drink. You'll enjoy yourself much more if you know you can get home safely.
  3. Bring something for the hostess and something to share at the party. It's always a nice idea to bring the hostess or host a gift. From a bottle of wine to something unique for the house, a small gift is appropriate. You should also check with the host ahead of time so you know what will be served. You may want to bring and appetizer, side dish, or dessert to share. You can even get creative and bring something "green," as long as it's naturally green. Dying food for the occasion is not very appealing. 
  4. Learn some Irish words and phrases. Since you'll already be wearing your Squiddledee Tie to spark conversation, consider sprinkling in a few Irish phrases for good measure. You will show off your good spirit by having a little fun.

On your way to the party, get in the mood by playing some Irish music. Be sure to arrive on time with a gift for the hostess and a smile on your face. Then relax and enjoy the company. 

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