All Grown Up: 11 Ways to Tell You’re an Adult

For many of us guys, the transition to adulthood usually doesn’t happen right after college graduation. But whether you like it or not, every guy goes through that inevitable change at some point, when the Playstation controller begins to collect dust, or you find yourself complaining about the loud teenagers partying next door. To find out if you’ve finally passed through the rusty gates into adulthood, see if any of these characteristics sound like you.

#1: You don’t have time for video games– even on the weekends. In college and your early twenties, it wasn’t uncommon for you to spend a cool eight hours a day playing Madden. At some point, that eight hours turned into two games. Now, you’re lucky if you remember how to juke or call a hot route.

#2: You pay more attention to what you wear both in and out of the office. Your trusty old jeans, t-shirts, and Nikes are collecting dust in a wardrobe currently dominated by expensive suits, swanky oxfords, and silk ties. Even on the weekends you’re wearing trousers and loafers, and you’ve substituted your juvenile baseball jersey for a polo with the team logo. And you wear it tucked in.

#3: Quality matters. Unlike the version of you from years past who went cheap on everything but sneakers and video games, high quality now holds some serious weight with you. From your car to your clothes, you demand reliable products made with the best materials, and you don’t mind spending a couple extra bucks for a superior product.

#4: You love dressing up, and you’re all about getting creative with your ties. You understand that the tie is the centerpiece of your outfit, and you look to ties to make a statement about your personality. You’re through with the stiff selections at department stores, and look to tie specialists, like Squiddledee Ties for ties that breathe life into your formal wear.

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#5: You watch what you eat. Meeting up with friends for wings and beer every week now only happens about once a month. When Mom sends you home with brownies, you give them to the family down the hall, and you’re weaning yourself off of sugar in your coffee. Next thing you know you’ll be shoveling Metamucil in your mug and scarfing down a big bowl of bran flakes every morning. But don’t worry old man, you have plenty of great years ahead before your life gets to THAT.

#6: You contribute to a 401K. You’re watching the quarterly rise and fall of your retirement fund like a hawk, increasing your contributions and preparing yourself for the unknown after 65.

#7: You’re up before 9 AM on the weekends. Because there are leaves to rake, towel bars to hang, errands to run, and a whole laundry list of small tasks you put off throughout your busy week- including the laundry.

#8: Your hamstrings are on fire for two days after a game of touch football. Sprinting on all those deep routes took a serious toll on your hammies. But of course, you were too macho to stretch beforehand.

#9: Instead of hitting up happy hour, you find yourself opting for a six pack, but only so you can go home and do more work, answer more e-mails, etc.

#10: You start your day with the news, whether you read the paper, a couple articles online, or listen to news radio on the way to work.

#11: 11:30 PM on a Saturday is considered “late.” No more stumbling down the hall of your apartment and jangling with the keys at 4AM. Your last drink is at 10:30 and you’re in bed by midnight- because there’s too much stuff to do on Sunday.

#12: You love to shave. When you were younger, shaving was a pain in the neck, oftentimes literally. You’d rush through the affair, missing spots and nicking your face left and right. Now, shaving is a ritual for a super successful day, and you wake up an extra half-hour earlier than usual so you can take your time and enjoy the feel of baby-smooth skin.

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