To Dress Up or Down? How Your Outfit Affects Productivity

It’s just no mystery that when you look good, you feel great, and those positive vibes shine through in everything you do. Whether you’re making a sales pitch or researching and writing reports, what you wear in the office can definitely have an influence on your productivity, which is why so many companies today are more laid back in their dress codes.

But just as the right outfit can have you feeling perky and sharp as a tack, the wrong wear can definitely make you feel a bit less chipper. So to help you stay on top of your game, we’ll break down the psychology behind what you wear in the workplace and how it affects your performance on the job.

Appearance is everything
The way our outfit makes us feel works hand-in-hand with how our outfits make others feel about us. In short, appearance is everything, because whether we realize it or not, others are constantly judging and drawing conclusions about us based on what we wear, and vice versa. So it only makes sense that the way we dress influences our self-confidence and behavior.

For example, try to picture yourself in a suit, yelling and cheering as if you were at a football game. Doesn’t jive, does it?  Now try picturing yourself wearing jeans and a hoodie while gathering notes and researching for an upcoming presentation. Catch my drift?

The fact is, when you wear that suit, you become aware that certain behaviors are expected of you, and your behavior begins to reflect that self-awareness. According to the Washington Post, a recent study showed that participants who wore a doctor’s coat performed exceptionally well on a color test when wearing the coat. Other participants who were asked to wear an “artist’s coat” did not perform as well on the test. In a nutshell, the results here strongly suggest that our job performance has a lot to do with what we wear.

Do casual dress codes crush productivity?
Between the rise in the IT industry and modern efforts to boost productivity, so many companies these days allow more casual dress codes, including the likes of Google and Quicken Loans. But for some people, wearing casual clothes in the workplace can make it difficult to differentiate between their work selves and home selves, possibly causing productivity to decline.

However, the jury is still out on the belief that casual dress crushes productivity in the workplace. The latest study came in 2001, when researchers at The Master’s College attempted to determine whether or not casual dress harms productivity in the workplace. As it turns out, their findings reported no “defined effect” on workplace performance.

Productivity comes down to you
Ultimately, the way an outfit affects productivity varies from person to person, and if your company has a casual dress code, it might be a good idea to experiment with what you wear in the workplace. If switching from jeans and a t-shirt to a shirt and tie results in more completed tasks over the course of a week, keep it formal! But if full-blown formal is too stiff for your tastes, try shaking up your office wear with Squiddledee Ties.

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