The Gridiron Guide to Scoring a First Date and Beyond

Let’s get real here, fellas. No matter how suave you think you are, dating and picking up women can feel like you’re a general manager getting ready for the NFL Draft. The hours leading up to a first date can be unbelievably nerve-wracking, especially if it’s a blind date. And when it comes to reading her body language, receiving anything other than a return glance and a smile from her can be like trying to read a well-disguised blitz.

But hey, like winning the Super Bowl, anything that’s worthwhile isn’t easy, and that includes getting a date with that gorgeous blonde you saw in the coffee shop this morning. So whether you’re looking to lockdown a first date or secure a second date, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll break down the essential pick-up playbook that women wish you knew, and throw in a few foolproof tips for an incredible blind or first date.

The No-Huddle Strategy for Picking up Women

1.First and Ten: Make Eye Contact.

A casual glance accompanied by a smile in her direction will generally get the job done if she’s available. And like a QB standing in the pocket, never ever stare down your target. In the dating game, you don’t have to worry about throwing interceptions, but stare down a woman too hard and you’ll get thrown out of the game for being a creep. If she looks away at first, don’t be discouraged – just wait a couple minutes for her to look back. If she does, then you just got the green light to throw it deep.

2. Initiate the Conversation.

Great, you’ve just earned the first down, but now you’re in the red zone, where things often tend to go awry. Be natural, and begin the conversation in context with something on the humorous end. Hand off an open-ended question to her. The key is to make a connection and get her talking.

3.  2nd and Goal: Be Confident.

There’s nothing more attractive to women than a confident guy. Don’t doubt yourself. It’s okay to show off some “moves”; just don’t get cocky – otherwise you could find yourself fumbling her attention.

 4. 3rd and Goal: Compliment Her.

Once you have her talking, be sure to give her a compliment that doesn’t have anything to do with her looks. Since you approached her in the first place, she already knows that you find her attractive. And if you have her smiling at all throughout the conversation, then you’re ready to punch it in for the TD.

 5. 4th and Goal on the 1: Go for it.

Congrats, you have a healthy conversation going, but little do you know that the play clock is winding down. No matter how great the conversation, know when to end it, and leave her wanting more. Now is the time to leap over the pile and go for “paydirt.” Once the topic of discussion has run its course, tell her how much you enjoyed talking to her, and ask her if she’d like to talk again, perhaps over coffee, a glass of wine, you know the drill.

The X’s and O’s of Blind and First Dates

Well rookie, you’ve earned yourself a first date, but if you want to be a starter for dates to come, then follow these simple tips.

1. Make a Flexible Game Plan.

For blind and first dates alike, be the man with a plan, and know exactly where you’re taking her for dinner and afterwards. Planning shows that you’ve looked forward to the date, and the more ideas you have, the better. While some women like men who take charge, no one likes a control freak. So in addition to Plan A, come ready with plenty of back up plans in case your date requires some half time adjustments.

2. Dress Your Best.

This goes without saying, but so does tackling when it comes to coaching linebackers. Catch my drift? Pick a nice restaurant and bench the jeans. Now is the time to impress. Don’t miss a single detail in your outfit. If you’re wearing dress shoes, make sure you polish them. Iron any wrinkled clothes, and choose your tie wisely. Remember, the tie is the ultimate centerpiece of your outfit, and it speaks volumes about your personality.

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3. Don’t Talk Too Much About Yourself.  

It’s only natural to make conversation by talking about things you know best. But as is the case with approaching a woman for the first time, put the spotlight on her instead and ask plenty of open-ended questions. Keep the conversation balanced. Ask her about her interests, share yours, and let the conversation take off from there.

4. Maintain Eye Contact.

Keeping eye contact lets your date know that you’re interested in what she’s saying. No matter how nervous you may be, avoid giving any stone cold stares and be sure to smile while she speaks. And like a cornerback covering a receiver, keep your eyes on her eyes at all times.

5. Listen.

When players don’t listen to the QB in the huddle, there’s always a miscue or a penalty on the ensuing play. Dealing with women isn’t very different. Pay attention and you’ll execute every play.

6. Be Yourself.

It’s game day. Of course, you’re going to be a little nervous, but just play to your strengths. If you follow these simple rules, and she seems to be catching all your passes, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t score a second date. Get out there and go for it!

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