The 5 Guys Every Woman Will Date In Her Lifetime

If you’re a woman who’s single and ready to mingle, you’ve likely experienced your fair share of dating wins and woes. Your well-intentioned friends have set you up on blind dates, you had a short stint on, and you’re probably still hooking up with your ex when you’re feeling extra lonely. By now, you’ve gone out with every sort of eligible (and not-so-eligible) bachelor out there. What can we say; you’ve got to kiss a few frogs before you find Prince Charming! After a while, the men become easy to categorize. If you haven’t dated all of these guys yet, they’re sure to cross your path before you settle down. 

The Guy: The Player

Ah, a necessary evil in our dating repertoire. This guy is a good looking, smooth talker, making it practically impossible for you to resist. The problem is, he’s using his carefully crafted pickup lines on every other attractive girl he meets. Proceed with caution and don’t allow yourself to fall prey to his smooth, yet conniving ways. Unless, of course, you’re looking for Mr. Right Now.

The Tie: The Octopus

Squiddledee Ties


The Guy: The Nice Guy

You know the guy that you thought could have been the one? Yep, that’s the nice guy. He’s polite, thoughtful, and wouldn’t dream of honking from the driveway when he comes to pick you up. Contrary to popular belief, nice guys can (and do) finish first. Think twice before you let this guy float away.  

The Tie: Rubber Ducky

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The Guy: The Commitment-Phobe

He’ll introduce you to his parents, invite you on family vacations, and tell you his deepest, darkest secrets; but honey, he’s not gonna propose. The last thing this guy wants is to be anchored down; there are too many fish in the sea.   

The Tie: Fish or Cut Bait

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The Guy: The Politico

Listen, opinions are like armpits… everyone’s got them. That doesn’t mean you need to display them for everyone to see. This guy’s got strong convictions and he’s not shy about expressing them. If you prefer small talk to public debate, give this guy your vote but not your heart. 

The Tie: Uncle Sam Donkey

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The Guy: The Keeper

You can be yourself around him, your friends and family love him, and neither of you flinch when talking about the future. He’s chivalrous, you share the same beliefs and values, and he loves you for who you are. Marry this man! In the end, every awful guy you’ve dated is worth it because they led you to The One.

The Tie: The Prince

Squiddledee Ties


A Tie For Every Guy

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