We Never Go Out of Style

The tuxedo has been around since the mid-1800s. Although it has changed with the times, it never goes out of style. A tuxedo is distinguished by satin or grosgrain facings on the lapels and buttons of the jacket with a similar stripe along the outseam of the trousers. A tuxedo is typically black, worn with a formal shirt, shoes and other accessories. The tuxedo has always been a staple for men to wear to a formal gathering. Here are a few pieces we miss and how we can still incorporate them into our formal wear. 

  • Tailcoat — If you are invited to a "white tie" event, you will need to dress with style, sophistication and tradition. You will first need to distinguish between a formal evening tailcoat and a traditional morning jacket. Although both jackets have tails in the back, the evening tailcoat has one or two buttons on the front that should button easily, while still exposing your waistband and shirt. The morning coat is single breasted, has a skirt that tapers away gradually and has self-faced lapels. Figure out which one will work for your event.
  • Top hats — A top hat is still associated with formal occasions. Some men choose to wear one as part of their wedding attire or when attending a society event. When entering a wedding or other formal event, the top hat should be removed. Upon removal, a man should place his palm on the top of the hat as he brings it close to himself with his fingers on the rim. Showing the inside of the hat is considered rude. Because it's hard and stiff, you will need to find a top hat in the right size and correct shape. A good hat manufacturer should be able to assist you.
  • Ruffled tuxedo shirts — Tuxedo shirts most often come in classic white and have French cuffs. They can be pleated, plain or ruffled. The ruffled tuxedo shirt can make you look more elegant and stylish at a formal event. Wearing a ruffled shirt is not specific to a particular segment or age group, so anyone can pull it off with the right tuxedo. 

The next time you are invited to a formal event, experiment with your style by adding one of these looks to your tuxedo. Be sure to wear black socks and black patent leather Oxfords or slip-ons to complete your look. Why look like everyone else, when you can stand out? 

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