Perfect Gifts for Your Groomsmen

Aside from planning your wedding and doling out lots of money for a venue, caterer, photographer and flowers, you also need to pick up something special for your groomsmen. Whether it's your brothers, friends, or both, you want to let your groomsmen know that you appreciate them taking part in your wedding. Here are some useful and reusable gifts to thank the important guys in your wedding party.

  1. A Squiddledee Tie — As part of the wedding day attire and/or for use after the wedding, a Squiddledee Tie is a perfect gift for your groomsmen. You can showcase each personality by purchasing individual styles, or select one that is appropriate for the occasion. Either way, it's a gift that can be used for years to come.
  2. Spirits — Whether they like bourbon or scotch, a bottle of their favorite will be well-received. You can personalize for each groomsmen. For non-drinkers, consider a gift certificate to a restaurant.
  3. Shaving kit — Most men don't spend a lot of money when it comes to caring for their skin. A nice shaving kit is a way of letting them know they deserve a little self-pampering on the day of the wedding and every day after. A subscription to a monthly shave club is another way of pulling off this idea.
  4. Something monogrammed — Who doesn't like something with their initials or name on it? You can monogram everything from leather to silver. Consider cuff links or a tie bar to wear with the Squiddledee Tie on the big day.
  5. An insulated beverage tote — For cookouts, beach trips or tailgating, everyone can use and reuse a beverage tote. You can personalize these with names or team logos, too. 

It doesn't have to cost a lot of money to let your groomsmen know they are important to you. Think about each guy individually, and plan to get something that he would like. It takes a lot of moving parts to pull off a wedding, and your groomsmen are an important part of the day. 

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