Ready, Set, Rush: Fraternity Life

College life is an experience you will treasure for years to come. You may choose to get involved by playing your favorite sport or pledging a fraternity as a way of meeting people with common interests. Becoming a part of a fraternity can be a rewarding experience that offers social support during your college years and beyond, so you should weigh your decision carefully before you choose an organization. Here are some tips for choosing the right frat, surviving rush, and looking great while doing it.

  1. Narrow down your options to decide which type of organization meets your needs and interests. Most fraternities fit into one of four categories including social, professional, service, or multicultural. Depending on your school there may be several different groups within each category.
  2. Go to the different rush events so you can see different fraternity houses in their element. You will likely get an idea ahead of time about each one by talking to other guys. As the brothers talk to you, they will be deciding if you seem like a good fit for their organziation but you also need to see if it's a good fit for you. If the fit seems good, they may give you a bid.
  3. Know the requirements before you accept an invitation to join. Are there specific academic or housing requirements? What are the dues per sememster? What are the pledging requirements?
  4. Since you will be spending a lot of time with the members of your fraternity, make sure you like them. Are these guys you can picture yourself hanging out with all the time? Do their personalities mesh with yours?
  5. Before you make a committment, determine how much time you want to devote to Greek life and if the image of the fraternity is in line with your lifestyle and academic goals.

Once you decide on a fraternity, you will have a busy social calendar that may include parties, dates and formals. You will want to make sure your wardrobe reflects the image you want to convey. A dark suit, a blazer, trousers, fitted dress shirts and a few Squiddledee Ties are good to have on hand for formal and semi-formal events. Classic polos, chinos and dark-colored jeans are good for casual day-to-day wear. 

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