Fashion Around the World

Clothing has a social significance with different rules and expectations based on circumstances, occasion, and culture. Our clothing choices can convey many messages including gender, income, social class, religious affiliation, ethnicity, fashion, and more. The Olympic Games have allowed us the opportunity to examine cultural differences among the athletes and their native countries. From uniforms and costumes to the attire of visiting guests, what does clothing say about someone? Do your clothing choices have the same meaning in different parts of the world?

Even though each culture has it's own unique set of fashion rules, business suits are a symbol of professionalism and credibility and are worn by men around the world. Whether you are attending a conference in London, meeting with colleagues in Tokyo, or taking a client out to dinner in New York, a suit is a failsafe option. A suit entails wearing trousers, a matching jacket, a white or light-colored button-down dress shirt and a tie. Conservative shoes and socks are also part of this ensemble.

In Western culture and in some other parts of the world, professional men like to express their personalities with different dress shirts and expressive ties. Squiddledee Ties offer a fun and sophisticated alternative to men who want to play up their look and stand out from the rest. Classic and confident men enjoy the appeal of Squiddledee Ties' whimsical fashion and don't take themselves too seriously. 

Whether you are fashion forward or not, dressing professionally and appropriately for business is expected in all corners of the world. It is an important way to show respect for yourself, your own country and professionals in other countires. 

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