Summer Suits: Keep Cool While Looking Sharp

Warm summer temps are the perfect reason to stow away the traditional wool navy suit for something a little lighter. The laid back season tends to translate into a more lenient dress code, but it’s always important to still look professional and appropriate, especially if you have meetings or speaking engagements. Instead of slacking off with your wardrobe this summer, invest in a few summer suits that will keep you cool while looking sharp.

Look for a lighter weight cloth in a loose weave to allow for more ventilation. During the summer months, you can opt for linen or a linen-blend. Linen wrinkles easily, and depending on your needs, a blend might be better. Linen has a great natural texture which adds to its charm. Cotton is another option for summer suits because it’s versatile and comfortable. The look is refined yet casual, and it will keep you cool. You can select colors ranging from khaki to baby blue and still look polished. 

Distinguished by its name and its striped, crinkled surface, seersucker is the quintessential Southern summer suit that has gained popularity across the country. The stylish and cool suit is appropriate for business unless the dress code is formal. Other materials that work for summer include chambray and fresco wool, a lightweight wool alternative.

Light gray, shades of blue and khaki are all good color choices for summer suits. When paired with a Squiddledee Tie, you can add a playful pop of color to your ensemble. Squiddledee Ties are the perfect accessory to add to your summer wardrobe for a sophisticated and confident look.

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