The Ties of Politics

Since we are sitting smack in the middle of an election year, not a day goes by without seeing one of the Presidential candidates on television.  With so many ties to choose from, what are the candidates wearing, and what does their look say about them? How can you pull off the presidential look or at least support your favorite candidate with your own style?

The candidates need to make important decisions about their appearance to build trust with voters. When it comes to neck ties, color matters. Many believe the color of your tie can help you get your message across. So it comes as no surprise that politicians often wear red. Known for power and passion, red ties are a popular choice for the candidates. Blue ties exude confidence and predictability and many politicians choose blue as a trusted color choice for speeches and important meetings. Colorful and flashy ties can be a distraction and lessen credibilty with voters.

If you want to look presidential at your next important meeting or special affair, consider wearing a dark suit, solid dress shirt and a red or blue tie. The shade of red or blue will determine how serious you want to be taken. Reserved patterns or stripes are best so the attention is directed at you, not the tie. 

As we get down to the wire, you can show your support for your favorite candidate with Squiddledee’s Red State/Blue State Collection. Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, get involved and support your party with Squiddledee’s political party ties. 

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