Celebrity Style: 4 Celebrities You Should Emulate for Killer Style

There are some celebrities that always have killer style. They are able to pull off their look effortlessly, leaving the rest of us to wonder just how they do it. Money aside, some men just have a great sense of style. If we look to some classic celebrities, we can learn a few things about how to dress.

George Clooney is classically stylish. He doesn’t go over the top with trends, and he tends to stick with greys and black. He also looks put together in crisp white shirts that are often open for a more relaxed look. When he steps out for an evening or attends an award show, he will almost always wear a tailored suit with a sleek tie.

Justin Timberlake is a talented entertainer who knows how to dress. He likes to layer different pieces to create a finished look. Timberlake likes to experiment with having a fresh look that is not too flashy as a way to express his personality. One thing he likes to do is add an unexpected accessory, like sneakers with a suit, to keep it real. 

The always dashing Bradley Cooper likes to don dapper, perfectly tailored suits to show off his good taste and physique. Cooper sticks with plain or striped business ties to keep his look clean. He can just as easily pull off a flannel shirt, unbuttoned and untucked, and still look great. He tends to opt for designer boots in lieu of dress shoes to mix things up. 

Will Smith has come a long way from his days as the “Fresh Prince.” Now, a style icon, Smith can often be seen in stylish three-piece suits and sophisticated neckwear. He works the layered look with sweaters and button-downs in casual settings, but a great tie seems to be his best accessory.

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