Tie-Inspired Halloween Costumes

The pressure is on to find a Halloween costume that is cool and creative, yet easy and inexpensive. Why not use something in your closet for your costume this year? Better yet, invest in a unique fashion accessory that can transition from a costume accent to a signature piece after Halloween.
A necktie shows off a man’s personality and style. Wearing a tie-inspired costume is practical and purposeful. The range of costume choices with a tie allows men to express themselves, whether it’s whimsical and fun or sophisticated and serious.
Dangerously dashing men might opt for a Christian Grey, James Bond or Clark Kent look. In this case, a sleek suit and classic or sharp-looking tie would do the trick. For the young at heart, dressing up as Harry Potter or Fred Flintstone might be the answer. Your basic blue and striped ties come in handy here. If a humorous costume is more your style, think Dwight Schrute from The Office and pair a striped tie with an ill-fitted suit and a short-sleeved dress shirt.
The possibilities are endless when you incorporate cool neckwear into your Halloween costume. Check out Squiddledee Ties to make a great impression with your costume on Fright Night. Squiddledee Ties offers a nice selection of fun, yet sophisticated ties that allow you to wear your personality around your neck on Halloween, and every day after. 

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