Three Cheers for the Red, White & Blue: Patriotic Ties

True American patriotism never goes out of style, and what classier way to show your American pride than by rocking a patriotic tie? With the Fourth of July just around the corner, it’s always fun to get into the spirit of the season with a tie donning the red, white, and blue, but the idea is to do it tastefully.
Maybe your friend likes to wear the same bald eagle tie he’s been wearing for the past decade, and your boss likes to rock a fat striped necktie that looks like it’s covered in Old Glory. No offense to your boss or your friend, but you’re much too polished for such juvenile style.
Unlike some of your male counterparts, you understand the importance of keeping your formal wear classy while having fun. You’re the modern American man, always looking for creative ways to be expressive through stellar style. After all, isn’t freedom of expression what being an American is all about?
This Independence Day, don’t tell the world that you’re patriotic with some cheesy American-themed tie. Instead, show the world your pride for the land you love with an intriguing necktie from Squiddledee Ties. Their Red State/Blue State collection is the sophisticated way to show your American pride, featuring clever patriotic designs. And they’re made with the finest silk and expert craftsmanship right here in the U.S. for stunning quality that always makes a great impression. 

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