​Buy a Guy a Tie for Father’s Day—and Other Great Gifts

Finding gifts for Dad isn’t always easy, but you can never, ever go wrong with giving him some new ties. Even dating back to the founding of Father’s Day in the early 20th century, ties were always a go-to gift for dads. We’ll break down a quick history of Father’s Day and list a few other unforgettable gift ideas for the special dad in your life.
A History of Father’s Day
It all started in June 1908, when a Father’s Day celebration was held in a church in Fairmont, West Virginia to honor the death of 250 fathers in a coal mining disaster. Unfortunately, the celebration never caught on outside of Fairmont.
But in June 1910, another Father’s Day celebration was held—this time in Spokane, Washington. A young woman named Sonora Smart Dodd was one of six children who were raised by a single father. Her father was also a Civil War veteran, and after hearing about Mother’s Day being celebrated in West Virginia, Dodd wanted to find a way to give her father the same honor. And so on June 19th, 1910, a Father’s Day celebration was held throughout Spokane.
Father’s Day began to lose popularity in Spokane in the 20s, but thanks to Dodd’s hard work, it finally caught steam again in the 1930s. Up until this time, it was a common practice to give dad a tie on Father’s Day, and so tie manufacturers and other makers of men’s goods began doing their part to give the holiday national attention.  As Father’s Day gained popularity throughout the 20th century, giving a tie to dad on Father’s Day would become a tradition for years to come.
What are you waiting for? Buy a Guy a Tie!
Not giving a tie on Father’s Day is like not giving your mom flowers on Mother’s Day. So even if you have another gift in mind for the important dad in your life, you can always throw an intriguing tie in there as well. And with the way men’s style is constantly changing, he can always use a new tie or two to add to the collection.
Now if you really want to give him a tie he’ll never forget, be sure to consider his style and personality. Don’t simply think about what might look good on him—that’s easy. Instead, look for a one-of-a-kind tie that says something about the type of guy he is, like Squiddledee Ties.
Squiddledee offers a huge selection of classy and clever styles that are specially designed to flow with dad’s personality. From the mischievous Fat Cat and the charming Prince, to their awesome new Sporting Gent Collection, Squiddledee has a tie for every unique persona. Each tie comes in a variety of colors, and they’re all made right here in the U.S. with 100 percent silk.
More great gift ideas
Sure, every guy can use a new tie, but what about grabbing some accessories as well to help keep those ties in tip top shape? Other great gifts include:

  • A tie bar so that dad’s new ties don’t take a dip in his coffee mug. If you really want to go the extra mile, have it personalized.

  • A tie rack—because throwing those nice silk ties around a plastic hanger is no way to keep them intact.

  • Collar stays. Sure, the tie looks great, but a floppy collar is a surefire way to ruin even the finest tie knot.

Dads might be tough to shop for, but one thing’s for sure—they’re always suckers for tradition. When it comes to Father’s Day, always buy that guy a tie. 

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