​5 Blasts From the Past in Men’s Style: 2015 Edition

History always repeats itself, and men’s style is definitely no exception. We’ll get right to it and list five of today’s most popular male essentials that began their glory in decades past.
#1: Tie clips. The popularity of this practical and stylish accessory has ebbed and flowed since its inception in the early 20th century. Back in the Roaring 20s, guys were simply looking for something to keep their tie from flopping around and taking a dip in their coffee mugs. It wasn’t until about the 1950s they realized that this utilitarian piece could add some serious masculine personality to their outfits.
By the time the 80s and rolled around, men’s style loosened up again, and the corporate tie clip of midcentury America fell to the wayside until today. But today’s man appreciates that CEO-style that a tie clip brings into the picture, which is why it’s an absolute must for every guy.
Remember—while tie clips can add an extra stylish dimension to your outfit, they just can’t make an average tie extraordinary. If you’re really looking to make a knockout impression, pair up your tie clip with an unforgettable tie that shows the world what you’re all about, like a Squiddledee Tie. From their “Let’s Get Acquainted” collection to “The Sporting Gent” collection, Squiddledee offers a huge variety of intriguing styles that are specially designed to flow with your unique personality. You can even work with their team of expert designers to create a custom tie that’s as singular as you. And unlike the cookie-cutter ties you’ll find in department stores, Squiddledee makes all of their ties with 100 percent silk right here in the U.S.
#2: Fedoras. Sophisticated and smart, the fedora was and still is a signature piece of society’s best dressed men. It has acertain cageyness to it, but unlike the fedora of the prohibition era, today’s fedora reveals the sincerity of the laidback man of today.
#3: Aviators. A hit for over 70 years and counting, aviators are the quintessential shade for both guys and girls. They come in a huge variety of styles and lens colors, but most of us opt for the classic brass rims and amber lenses for more of a 70s feel. Actually, a lot of us go for that look, so if you want to sport a pair of aviators and break away from the mainstream, go with a pair in plastic frames.
#4: Members-only jackets. With a button clasp dangling from the collar and the epaulettes on the shoulders, these military-inspired jackets are gradually popping back up into men’s style. The members-only jacket has a street savvy look that’s super versatile, great everywhere from a brisk fall afternoon on the golf course to a sweaty night at the club. The versatility of the members only jacket is all in thanks to the fabric it’s made with. When it was in its prime in the 80’s, the members-only jacket typically came in leather, but you can find it in all sorts of different materials these days.
#5: Leather-band watches. Sure, the digital age has pumped out some stunning timepieces, but the leather-banded watches our grandfathers wore in their heyday are back and here to stay. An analog face surrounded by gold hardware has that irresistible vintage appeal, giving any outfit a touch of old-school wealth.
Tell us about some of your favorite blasts from the past in menswear by posting in the space below. Thanks for stopping by!