Here Comes Wedding Season: Groomsmen with Personality

From the customs of the ceremony to the raucous reception, all eyes will be on you and the wedding party on what is easily the biggest day of your life. While the traditional tux and bowtie can have your groomsmen looking good, it’s simply a played ensemble that’s sure to go unnoticed.
Besides, each groomsman has a unique personality that sets him apart from the rest, so why would you want all of your groomsmen to dress exactly the same? If you really want to give your groomsmen an unforgettable look, you’ve got to think outside of the box and incorporate some personality into your wedding wear.
How you ask? With a necktie, of course.
No flashy cummerbunds or quirky vests here, fellas. Forget the old-school tux and pair up a two or three-piece suit with a snazzy necktie. With the right necktie, your groomsmen will shine with sophistication, no matter what your wedding theme may be or where the ceremony takes place.

For your unforgettable wedding, you want stunning neckties that speak volumes about you and your groomsmen, without saying a single word. You want bold designs in captivating colors that will have all the bridesmaids speechless and leave everyone else nothing less than impressed. What you want is a classy necktie that’s practically bursting at the seams with personality, like Squiddledee Ties.
Squiddledee Ties: Versatile and Personal
When it comes to matching sophisticated ties with singular personalities, no one does it better than Squiddledee Ties. Their extensive line of classy, yet clever neckties features a wide variety of unique designs in a range of color options, great for coordinating each groomsman’s personality with the color theme of the wedding.
For example, if the bridesmaids are wearing emerald and gold, you can have your groomsmen wear the Squiddledee tie of your choice in a matching color, like green or yellow.  Or you can always mix and match colors to give your groomsmen attire another creative dimension. To top it off, Squiddledee Ties make an outstanding gift that your groomsmen will actually use on a regular basis, unlike a flask or cufflinks, and they’re American-made with 100 percent premium silk for breathtaking quality that’s sure to get noticed.
Who are your groomsmen?
While you and your groomsmen may have a lot in common, there are plenty of differences that make you each pretty unique in your own ways. Which guy is the loud-mouthed show off of the crowd? How about the one who’s always upbeat and happy? Below we’ve included a few examples of Squiddledee Ties to match with different personalities.
For the sporty type: Check out The Sporting Gent collection. Squiddledee’s newest collection features four different tie designs for fans of golf, hockey, baseball, and basketball. Your sporty groomsman can dress the part for your wedding while showing off his passion for his favorite game.
The uber-confident type: Go with Cock Walk. This bold tie is perfect for the guy who can talk the talk and walk the walk. Cock Walk is also a great choice for the leader of the group, ideal for the best man or even the groom.
Always the "Plus One": The Rubber Ducky speaks volume for the introvert of the group, and like all Squiddledee Ties, comes in a stylish variety of color options that’s sure to make a statement.
The adventurous type: Give him The Butterfly. Great for the guy who likes to do his own thing, The Butterfly gives the adventurous type a chance to show his independent spirit and comes in nine stellar color options.
Remember—your wedding day is one of the single most memorable times of your life. Challenge yourself to be creative with your groomsmen attire. When you look back at the pictures, you’ll be glad you did.