​Men: Jumpstart Your Spring Wardrobe in 2015

Finally! With the last storms of winter winding down, before you know it you’ll be leaving the office with your heavy coat draped over your arm, basking in the warmth of those sunny spring afternoons as you make your way home for the day.
Yeah, it all sounds so poetic, but even us fellas can admit that spring has a way of refreshing the spirit. So with the stellar weather that’s just around the corner, why not get a head start on refreshing your spring wardrobe? Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it piece by piece.
Let’s start from the bottom up here. No, it’s not quite time for boat shoes, but it’s definitely time to pack away the boots. Go for some wingtip oxfords in lighter colors, like grey or chestnut. For casual Fridays or weekends, pair up your dark denim with a pair of neutral low-top sneakers like Pro Keds Royal CVO or Vans Chima Pro. For extra warm days, show some skin with a sleek pair of slip-on leather loafers.  
When it comes to pants, it’s all about the materials. Highs in the 30s are soon to be history, and so should your wool pants—at least until December. Dress pants made with polyester or rayon are great for extra warm days, while cotton trousers are ideal for the cooler days of spring. Make sure they’re slim fitting and flat front. Pleats are much too outdated for today’s style.
For casual wear, corduroy works, but stay away from earth tones, like brown and olive, since these are the colors you’ll want to save for fall. And of course, you can never go wrong with dark blue or grey denim.
Shirts and ties
While your pants and shoes are the neutral foundation of your spring outfits, shirts and ties give you a chance to liven up your wardrobe and wear those cheery spring colors. Pack away any grey, royal blue, red, or dark blue button-down shirts, and look on the bright side with whites and pastels, like yellow, green, lavender, mauve, light pink, and sky blue.
The same color rule applies to your neckties here, but don’t match your tie color with your shirt, otherwise the tie will get lost in the color of your shirt. You can go with a tie in a darker shade of the shirt you’re wearing, or contrast tie and shirt colors entirely.
Remember: no piece of your formal wear shows your personality quite like your tie, so don’t forget to look for ties with intriguing styles, like Squiddledee Ties. Squiddledee specializes in sophisticated tie designs that are specially made to flow with your personality. Featuring expressive styles like “Bluebird of Happiness,” and “Turtle and Hare,” Squiddledee Ties lets you match your tie with the season or your mood. And since all of their unique styles come in a range of classy colors, you can even contrast bright colors, such as blue, yellow, or pink with mysterious personas, like “When Pigs Fly,” or “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.”  To top it off, all of their ties are made in the U.S. with 100 percent imported silk for stunning quality that always makes a great impression.
Sweaters are okay for March and early April, but be sure to go with lighter colors as mentioned above. Pea coats are goners by April, so you can stave off that early morning chill and look great with blazers. Avoid wool blazers, since they’re far too warm for spring. For color, you just can’t go wrong with grey and navy this time of year, but save your black blazers for nighttime.