The Famous Men of the Presidency—and Their Ties

Upon the chest of every great American President was a great tie, a symbol of his most precious values, a subtle emblem of his promise to defend and uphold our freedom. From Washington and Lincoln to G.W. Bush and Obama, the President’s tie has always been a focal point of the image he wanted to portray to the people. So with President’s Day just around the corner, we’re taking a look at some the nation’s most celebrated chief executives and their signature ties.
George Washington (1789-1797). The great general from Virginia wasn’t only the first president of the U.S., but the first American president to not wear a necktie. Ok, so neckties didn’t really exist when Washington was inaugurated in 1789, but he did wear a fluffy white garment around his neck known as a stock tie. This linen was wrapped tightly around the neck to give the wearer a more rigid, upstanding appearance. For good measure, the stock tie also had a ruffled fabric attached to it, known as a cravat. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson wore this same garment during their presidential terms.
Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865). Whether he was clean shaven or wore that frizzy chin-strap beard, Lincoln always sported a robust black bowtie. When he was an Illinois congressman he wore a black bowtie, and it stuck with it all the way up to his assassination in 1865.
Harry Truman (1945-1953). He was known for digging America out of post-WWII economic turmoil and wearing an elaborate variety of stylish silk neckties. Truman often opted for interesting patterns on his ties, such as plaid with houndstooth-esque checks, or converging circles and stripes. Unlike his predecessors, Truman definitely wasn’t afraid of wearing ties with bold color schemes.
Ronald Reagan (1981-1989). Before he was president, Reagan was a Hollywood man, so he definitely knew a few things about good style. However, Reagan kept his tie selection somewhat even-keeled, and a maroon tie with silver stripes was his go-to.
G.W. Bush (2001-2009). His policies might have been on the conservative side, but his tie selections usually weren’t. In fact, Bush often favored a snazzy striped blue tie, even though he was from the Republican Party. That’s not to say that he wouldn’t wear his trusty old red to show his diplomacy and win the hearts of the American people like all contemporary American presidents do at some point.
Barack Obama (2008-present). Our current president is unorthodox in his efforts to better the nation, and he definitely doesn’t stick to the mainstream when it comes to his choice of neckties. Sometimes he doesn’t even wear a necktie, but instead opts to roll up his sleeves and unbutton his collar to show his camaraderie with blue collar culture here in America. When he does wear ties though, President Obama has a range to choose from, between his stunning silver striped tie to a simple silk crimson tie with white stripes.
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