How to Upgrade Your Wardrobe for Under $500

Let’s face it, dress clothes can get pretty pricey, which is why the male wardrobe is more or less a constant work in progress. So to help you gradually improve your wardrobe without maxing out your credit card, we’ve listed some stellar wardrobe upgrades that total under $500. Let’s get to it.
Ties: Squiddledee Ties “Bloom No. 18. If you’re really looking to add a unique statement piece to your wardrobe, look no further than Squiddledee Ties. The tie is the ultimate centerpiece of any outfit, and unlike other ties, Squiddledee Ties come in a wide variety of fun and sophisticated styles that are specially designed to flow with different personalities. They’re available in an assortment of colors, and they’re all made right here in the U.S. with 100 percent silk for breathtaking quality that’s sure to get you noticed. $80
Blazer: Adolfo Men’s Two-Button Black Blazer. Blazers are an absolute staple for every guy’s wardrobe, but just because you need a blazer doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on one. Adolfo’s Two-Button Black Blazer is the epitome of modern men’s style, featuring a notched lapel collar and two front flap pockets. The interior is fully-lined and constructed to fit any physique without adding bulk to your figure. $69.99
Shoes: Alfani Spin Plain Toe Lace-up Shoes. Unless you find a pair of dress shoes on clearance, you’re not going to find a higher quality pair of dress shoes than Alfani Spin’s Plain Toe Lace-up Shoes for under $100. They’re simple yet tasteful and versatile enough to go with any outfit. The soft leather imparts a vintage look on these contemporary classics, and they come in brown, black, and tan. $99
Sweater: Original Penguin Hector Lambswool V-Neck Sweater. Again, the idea here is finding classy wear that works for both formal and casual settings. This sleek sweater is made with 100 percent lamb wool and has a slim cut that’s great for giving any physique an athletic look. It looks great with or without an oxford underneath, and the V-Neck helps accentuate that muscular look. For $79, we’re talking about affordable luxury here. 
Dress Shirts: Like ties, you can never have enough dress shirts. Never. Here we’ve highlighted a couple stylish, affordable options for you to choose from:
Ralph Lauren Non-Iron Slim-Fit Blue Gingham French Cuff Dress Shirt. The gingham plaid design is hip and smart, and the sleeves have swanky French cuffs for an elegant touch. To top it off, it’s slim fit—need we say more? It’s regularly $69.50, but you can grab it on sale for the upcoming holidays.
Tommy Hilfiger Slim-Fit Bold Stripe Dress Shirt. A timeless American classic, Tommy Hilfiger still has a way of surpassing men’s fashion trends and creating refined, yet cutting-edge designs for the modern man. If you have a shorter torso, the vertical stripes in this sharp button-down will give you a taller appearance. $69.50
Pants: Banana Republic Slim-Fit Wool Pant. They’re slim, but not too thin, simply a perfect all-around pant that goes great with a sweater, button-down, or polo. Keep in mind; these pants are 50 percent wool, so they’re much heavier than the cotton trousers than you’re probably used to and ideal for the cold months. $98.50
There you have it—an upgraded wardrobe with change to spare! 


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