​A Look Ahead: Men’s Fashion Trends in 2015

Unlike women’s fashion, men’s fashion makes tweaks from year to year, updating current trends and resurrecting old trends. For the working man, it’s not always easy to stay ahead of these changes, so to help you keep up with the latest and greatest coming out of NYC and Paris, we’ve listed six of 2015’s biggest projected trends in men’s fashion. 
Doesn’t matter if it’s black AND white. While 2014 was big on white-on-white, designers this year needed just a splash of black to breathe some life into the current white trend. Black-and-white striped oxfords, black highlights on pockets, and even black shoes with all white outfits are going to be huge this year. If you were big on last year’s white-on-white trend, throw some black shoes, a black scarf, or even a black tie into the mix for a bold, yet sleek look. 
Stand out from the bunch. Floral prints are back this year, from blazers and vests to cotton trousers. Think patterns of rose petals or orange lilies on a navy blazer. While the idea of wearing your mother’s garden might seem iffy, trust us when we tell you that floral prints are a great way to draw intrigued glances your way.
True blue. 2015 formal wear is back to true blue, from navy and ultramarine to lighter shades like azure and sky blue. Blue trousers and solid white tops impart a vintage 50s look, and you can keep it classic with brown shoes or go military and sport black shoes. If you really want to take this new trend to another dimension, spring for a necktie with some personality, like Squiddledee Ties.
Unlike the drab solids and stripes of yesteryear, Squiddledee Ties are brimming with personality, available in a wide variety of playful, yet sophisticated designs. Featuring unique styles such as the competitive Turtle and Hare and their carefree Bluebird of Happiness, Squiddledee Ties are perfect for giving the hottest trends an intriguing twist. Plus, they’re all made right here in the U.S. with 100 percent silk for unparalleled quality that’s sure to make a great impression.
Seeing double. Double-breasted blazers are here to stay, only slimmer than in years past. They’re the epitome of sophistication, yet incredibly versatile and great with denim, trousers, or even corduroy for that matter. Keep in mind, fit is crucial here, so have your tailor keep it slim on the shoulders and waist but breathable throughout the torso.
Denim, denim, denim. Should we say it again? Ok, denim is bigger than ever this coming year with denim tops over classic blue jeans. The Canadian Tuxedo has conquered the runway at shows this year with designers like Prada, Kenzo, and Saint Laurent rocking dark wash jeans and lighter denim button downs for a modern take on a once taboo style.
New Year, New Nautical. Normally worn with khaki shorts or trousers, the nautical stripes of years past will be paired mostly with denim in the warm months of 2015. Many of the top designers, including Lacoste, Michael Kors, and J.Crew have stuck with denim’s rise in the New Year, making a traditionally relaxed style just a bit more rugged with straight cut denim. And as the case has always been with boat wear, jeans are typically cuffed a few inches away from the ankle for that signature nautical look.

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