5 Guaranteed Ways to Choose a Memorable Gift for a Guy

So maybe your guy hasn’t been too great at dropping hints for gift ideas. Or maybe he’s asked for boring gifts like a video game or monogrammed flask. Those won’t do, because you’re looking to give him a gift he’ll go wild about. You want to give him a gift that shows him just how great he has it with you. We know how you feel, so to help you get some ideas flowing, we’ve listed five ways to choose a gift your guy will never forget.
#1: Look to his personality
You know your guy better than anyone, oftentimes better than he even knows himself. Look for gifts that speak volumes about his personality. For example, Squiddledee Ties has a huge selection of ties in playful, sophisticated styles that are specially designed to flow with a variety of personalities. From their sociable Bloom No. 18 to the competitive Turtle and Hare, there’s a Squiddledee Ties for every personality type. Bonus—each tie is made right here in the U.S. with 100 percent silk for exceptional quality that’s sure to make an unforgettable gift.
#2: Look to his roots
Even if he doesn’t admit to it, every guy is proud of his roots and has hometown pride. While men in years past enjoyed giant portraits of their city’s skyline, today’s guy likes more artistic prints, like colored prints of city or neighborhood maps. Look out for other city-themed gifts too, such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, or anything else you think he might like that have something to do with his hometown. Maybe he has a favorite bar back home that sells personalized apparel.
#3: Look to his teams
Let’s face it—guys love sports, sometimes a little too much. If you know his favorite teams, you’re already halfway to finding a great gift for him. Drop the idea of buying him a team jersey—they’re juvenile and just downright unflattering. Instead, look for a polo or a button-down with his favorite team’s logo. For example, MLB and the NFL offer vintage polos with old team logos. They’re classy, and a great way for your guy to show off his team pride without dressing down.
#4: Look to his music
Rare or re-mastered releases from his favorite band or tickets to see his favorite group will earn you major points. You can even take it a step further and buy him tickets to see his favorite group in another city. Not only does he get to see his favorite band, but he gets to hang out with his favorite person on a road trip and in a new town.
#5: Give him an experience
Like taking him to a concert, you can simply plan a weekend getaway for you and your guy. Are there any places he has mentioned he would like to visit? Does he like to hike? Are there breweries, wineries, or distilleries he might like to see? Weekend getaways make excellent gifts, and the best part about it—you get a vacation out of the deal, too.
If a weekend getaway is out of the budget, maybe you can take him on a thrill-seeking experience, like skydiving, rock climbing, or driving on a NASCAR speedway. Remember, gifts for guys don’t always have to be tangible things he can hold in his hand, they can also be memorable experiences he holds in his heart. 

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